Weather you like it or not: Jo’s and Andrews to close early tonight

The chef has spoken! Winter Storm Quintus is expected to hit Browntown in the afternoon today and stay through Sunday morning. As a result, both Jo’s and Andrews Dining New Gate will be closing at 11:00 p.m. To avoid being left with the late night munchies, I highly recommend utilizing Foodler, a website that allows you to have your knock-off spicy withs (weeth?) (and other foods too!) all in the comfort of your dorm. Stay warm, and avoid making fruitless treks tonight!

12 Days of Flogmas, Day Nine: Fries and sauce at Jo’s

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In what has to be the most repressive policy decision on US soil since Abraham Lincoln began censoring the Northern press during the Civil War, Brown Dining Services has decided that you can no longer put the Spicy With sauces on your fries at Jo’s. Now, let’s be clear: obviously you’re still putting sauce on your fries. But now you have to sneak it on, or maybe order a spicy with as cover, rather than just pour that shit on. It’s very frustrating.

Whatever the impetus was for this decision, I have a hard time believing the extra pouring of sauce onto fries was costing an exorbitant amount. I’m no sauce expert, but I’m betting that the price of mixing cheap barbecue sauce and sriracha together is more or less built into the $1.80 for a handful of fried potatoes. And even supposing the rationale is purely financial, and that BDS really felt it was losing big bucks from all this sauce-pouring madness, I would happily pay 20 cents more for sauce. Raise the price, don’t diminish the quality of the experience.  Continue Reading

Frosh-cessities: The 8 people a freshman sees late-night at the Gate or Jo’s

Late night at Jos.

Late-night at Jos.

Since coming to Brown, my food schedule has been set back a few hours—actually, so much so that I might as well be in a different time zone. Because my classes start at noon, on an early day, my 1:30 a.m. Jo’s or Gate run is not just a case of the late night munchies, but actually necessary to complete my three meals of the day. I am therefore a nightly visitor of one of Brown’s two fine nocturnal gastronomic institutions, and have had much time to sit back and observe the phenomenon that is after-hours college eating.

Although I am a Keeney-ite through and through, I have recently been frequenting the distant but arguably superior culinary experience known to some as the Gate, mostly because I am a pseudo-vegetarian and Jo’s is quite carnivore-centric (anyone who gets a chopped salad after midnight should reevaluate his/her life choices). The trek to Pembroke can seem less than worthwhile when I realize that I ordered a slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza and I might as well have eaten a spicy with. Oh well. C’est la vie.

So, with a month of experience under my belt, I have attempted to compile a list of the varied and colorful folks one sees after midnight at the Gate or Jo’s (after the jump).

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WTF happened in Jo’s on Saturday night?

In what can only be described as an episode of Cops: Brown Edition, a student was arrested on Saturday night after an altercation with police. It seems as though the intoxicated student thought the BDS worker was a little too slow dishing out snacks during an otherwise uneventful impromptu Jo’s rager. The student was pinned to the ground by police officers after he refused to leave Jo’s when asked to do so.

While we were hoping that a DPS crime report would help inform us about what went down, our parent publication has picked up the slack; see this web update by The Herald for more information.

Year of China special at Jo’s TONIGHT!

Take a break from the stress of the housing lottery, and head over to Jo’s, which is hosting a Year of China special from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight. The special menu will include fried rice, egg rolls, dumplings, blossom salad and sesame noodles, according to culinary guru Aaron Fitzsenry.

Beyond food, the special will also feature “a Chinese gown fashion show, calligraphy and musical and dance performances,” according to the Dining Services website.

Time to take a break from that spicy with spicy kielbasa, and grab yourself some egg rolls.

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Burritos at Jo’s

For the next several weeks — starting tonight — burritos will be the Monday special at Jo’s! Go get ’em!

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