Lost in Textlation: Brunonia style


A Brunonian attempting to discern a text’s meaning.

“Hey, wanna meet up?” A casual text, commonly seen around 8 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday nights. This can come in many versions, and is a pretty innocent question. To preface, once upon a time an influential “bro” named Jimmy Tatro attempted to explain the difficulties of getting lost in textlation in a hilarious, on point video describing the intricacies of the college social scene. While it accurately described your average weekend night, Blog thought that some Brown-specific advice could be helpful, helping to navigate some potential situations you could get yourself into. Here are some of these possibilities, and what they might mean for your night.

“Wanna go study at the  ____?”
Sci Li – The SciLi is where dreams go to die – they actually want to study.
Hay – Again, unless they’re going to a side room, they don’t plan on socializing with you.
Rock – Whether it’s on the main floor or carols, they want to get to know you and chat for a bit.
“Wanna go work out at the ____?” 
Keeney/EmWool – They probably don’t know how to work out, and are a bit confused about good fitness spots on campus.
Nelson – They want to impress you, and show off to everyone there.
Bear’s Lair – They actually want to work out, the gym equivalent of the SciLi.

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La, La, La Brunonia: An interview with reggae band Iration


Last week, two BlogDailyHerald writers sat down with Iration vocalist and guitarist Micah Pueschel to speak about music, college life, Spring Weekend, and the band’s style.

BlogDailyHerald: Can you quickly describe your music to us?

Micah Pueschel: I would describe it as… I mean, the general consensus is like reggae rock. But we kinda blend a lot—we’re a lot more diverse than just reggae rock. We’re reggae, rock, pop, I don’t know, indie maybe, alternative—something like that—there’s just so many different things that we do.

BlogDH: You have an album coming out. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

MP: It’s going to be different. It’s kind of like a step up from our earlier stuff, Iration 2.0. It’s going to be a lot more rhythm and beat driven. You know, we felt like in our live set we lacked up-tempo danceable songs. So we enlisted a guy from the Hip Hop world who has worked with artists such as Lupe Fiasco. We have a whole engineering and mixing team, and it sounds really good. It’s up-tempo. It’s everything I think we wanted it to be and I’m very happy about it. Continue Reading

La, La, La Brunonia: April in music, at a glance

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No new music this April, sorry.**


**April fools

New release round-up

4/6: The Wombats, a Liverpudlian indie-rock band, are releasing their third album, Glitterbug. Check out the music video for “Greek Tragedy” (featuring Michelle from old school Skins) below.

4/7: All Time Low will be releasing Future Hearts. They recruited a few friends to help make it. You can look forward to collaborations with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus and Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden.

Brian Wilson, of Beach Boys fame, will be releasing his first solo album since 2008. No Pier Pressure features Zooey Deschanel, Nate Ruess, and at least one great pun.

American producer Toro y Moi will be releasing an album made entirely in his home studio. Pitchfork premiered “Empty Nesters,” the first single off What For? 

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La, La, La Brunonia: March in music, at a glance

With March brings a new month of music, hopefully with less snow. Here are the album releases and local live shows to look forward to tide us until spring break.

New release round-up

3/2: For all the ‘Drag Race’ fans, RuPaul will be releasing Realness. This is the drag queen/model/actor/author/recording artist’s 8th studio album. Checkout Billboard’s interview and coverage here.

3/3: Canadian electronic duo, Purity Ring, are releasing their sophomore album. If you can’t wait the two days, Another Eternity can be streamed early on NPR’s First Listen.


3/10: Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart, will be for sale on the tenth. Unfortunately for Madge, the albums already been leaked, without all the flash and benefit of a surprise release.

Will Butler, frontman of Arcade Fire, is also debuting his first solo album. Here’s Policy‘s homemade promo video.

3/16: The single of Modest Mouse’s new album, Strangers To Ourselves, has already hit number 1 on Alt Nation. I’m convinced it belongs on the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, but maybe that’s just me. Listen for yourself and see how much of a Tim Burton vibe you get.

3/24: New York hip-hop artist, Action Bronson, will be releasing Mr. WonderfulBritish-folk singer, Laura Marling, has Short MovieFinally, Smallpools are releasing indie-pop album, LOVETAP!

3/31: Some of the best albums this month have been saved for last. Death Cab for Cutie’s much anticipated Kintsugi will be premiering. Chris Walla, lead guitarist and producer for the band, left Death Cab while they were making this album. To cope, the band hired an outside producer for the first time. They snagged Rich Costley, of Muse, Foster the People, and Sanitgold fame. Aptly named for the situation, the album takes its title from, “Kintsugi,” an art form of repairing what’s broken.

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Ra Ra Brunonia Throwback: That time Hunter S. Thompson got plastered in Sayles


On November 21st, 1987, Hunter S. Thompson, the journalist and famed author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diaries, and many more, came to Brown to participate in an academic debate with G. Gordon Liddy, moderated by none other than the legendary Dean Barrett Hazeltine. Liddy, a lawyer who, among other things, directed and organized the burglary of the Democratic National Committee in 1972—a scandal that would infamously come to be known simply as “Watergate”—stood in stark contrast to the staunch liberal and psychedelically inspired writer.

The event was made possible, in part, by a student named Dan McCormack ’90, who met Thompson in his Colorado home that summer and suggested the idea. After some consideration and administrative scheduling, dates and times were set, flights were booked, and tickets were sold all leading up to a highly anticipated campus event. However, on the day of, those times were pushed back, the flights were missed and not tickets, but rather drugs—lots of drugs—were sold to and consequently consumed by the esteemed author. The Brown Daily Herald reported on the event in all of its glory, and to its credit, documented everything it could have possibly known. Looking back some 28 years later, details of the Thompson-Liddy debate were overlooked, missed and risk being forever forgotten and unheard. Thanks to an unnamed source—call him our “Deep Throat“—the full story can now be unveiled.

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La, La, La Brunonia: February in music, at a glance

Ah February, the month of love. BlogDH is here to let you know about all the newly released baby-making albums and steamy live shows to take your boo to. Fair warning, by the time it’s too late to make a dinner reservation, tickets are probably sold out.

As far as the 14th goes, you have two options for shows in the area. You could go to Boston’s Brighton Hall and see Phox, or you could stay local and see Michael Franti at the Met. Phox played Newport Folk Fest this summer and they’re basically NPR’s folk darlings. They’ve just wrapped up a tour opening for the Head and the Heart, which stopped in Providence. I had the pleasure of going, and the displeasure of almost constantly being sandwiched between couples in the crowd. Despite the friendly, “They’re like my brothers!” vibe the lead singer gives off, this is not a concert you want to bring your friend to. Bring anyone you want to Michael Franti, though; this song is too catchy for things to ever get awkward.

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