The Walkmen release new single: Heartbreaker

Before your hipster friends say they knew all about The Walkmen before they were listed for this year’s Spring Weekend lineup, throw this new track in their face. The track was released earlier today.

The Walkmen, hailing from D.C. are expected to release their new album Heaven on June 4th.

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Spring Weekend Artist Profile: The Walkmen

Since debuting in 2000 in New York City, the indie rock band known as The Walkmen has always lived up to the hype. Even before they went to high school together at St. Albans in D.C., Ham, Paul, Walt, Pete and Matt were playing on vintage musical instruments. When their debut album came out in 2002, critics were overwhelmingly positive: the band’s “popular” style was somehow “rare, […] like U2 or the Cure,” according to Pitchfork. Five albums later, the compliments keep coming, despite the band’s move to sadder, darker songs. With their seventh album coming out June 4 and their first album hitting its 10-year anniversary, the group is touring Europe and North America this summer, with several dates in conjunction with Florence + The Machine.

Rest assured however: this is not another gloomy hipster band. Continue Reading

BREAKING: The Walkmen added to Spring Weekend lineup!

Yep, that teaser post was no April Fool’s joke.  As if the first six acts that BCA finagled weren’t kickass enough, they decided to drop one more bomb on us: NYC/Philly indie rockers THE WALKMEN are joining the Saturday night lineup!

Currently touring to support their seventh album, Heaven, due out on June 5, the Walkmen should be a pretty dank complement to the electro-fueled bands and hippity hoppers sharing the stage with them on Saturday. That being said, they’re good, but they’re no Beets…

Making Mondays Better: Recovery

While I couldn’t bring myself to add it to this week’s playlist, the video of Hot Problems definitely deserves some air time. We’re due for some Rebecca Black Fridayesque hilarity, and this video does the trick.

This Week’s Playlist

A$AP Rocky – Goldie
Produced by Hit-Boy. Remember Ni**as in Paris? Yeah, he produced that too. 
Asher Roth ft. Meek Mill – Party Girl
Azealia Banks – Hood Bitch
Curren$y ft. Daz Dillinger – Fast Cars Faster Women
MellowHigh – Go
Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage

Austin Brown – Groove ’92
Fly Moon Royalty – Betta Have My Money   Continue Reading

Techaccino Tuesdays: Streaming Spring Weekend

Follow @techaccino for semi-instant updates, and, for all of you still mentally on Spring Break, a list of necessary apps to spend even more time procrastinating.

In case you haven’t already gone through all your news sites and blogs since you got back, don’t worry: you really didn’t miss anything. One thing you may remember from before break is that SPRING WEEK(END) is upon us is only 2 weeks away, and the lineup is about as good as it could have been. So before you set your alarm for 7:55 a.m. tomorrow morning and start posting angry comments all over Facebook about how the system is down, consider listening to the lineups. To aid you, here’s a comprehensive review of all the online options you have to stream the (now 7) artists for free — pick one and stick to it! Continue Reading