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In the fall of 2009, a few enterprising editors at the Brown Daily Herald decided it was high time to join the 21st century and make ourselves a blog.  Six months later, we discovered we kinda like it out here on the interwebs, and starting in 2010, we redoubled our commitment to give Brown the latest and greatest news from College Hill and beyond, provided by our very own ragtag staff.  By actually mobilizing ourselves from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story into a consortium of devoted writers, we have reinvigorated our mission (and bribed our writers with stickers and T-shirts). BlogDailyHerald covers entertainment, news, culture, sports, opinions and miscellany related to Brown and Providence. If you have questions, comments, tips, ideas, or want to write for us, shoot us an email at blog@browndailyherald.com.

We at BlogDH are part of a movement on campuses across the country committed to using blogs and various media to create a cohesive community, both off- and on-line, by indefatigably delivering news and relevant goings-on to students all day every day – except when we’re on vacation, of course. As we highlight the little things we as Brown students often take for granted, we create loci within and beyond the virtual space in which students, alumni, and faculty interact and develop strong connections with one another, the University, and the community at large.

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We love comments, but BlogDailyHerald, its editors, and Brown Daily Herald, Inc. are not responsible for the content of reader-posted comments. We reserve the right to remove comments that are offensive, inappropriate or incorrect. We strive to respect students and their privacy. If you feel anything you see here is improper or offensive, feel free to contact the editors at blog@browndailyherald.com.

BlogDailyHerald is written, edited, and published by Brown University students, and Brown University is not accountable for its contents. All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Brown Daily Herald, Inc. or Brown University.

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