Time-waster of the day: April 20, 2011

While there may be other ways you choose to spend your time today, take a few minutes to watch “The Illest Collegiate Poet in the Northeast” Phil Kaye ’10’s performance of “The Geico Gecko”.

Phil co-directs Project VOICE with Sarah Kay ’10.

Last Call: George Miller

Here at the BlogDH, we want to highlight all the interesting things that the class of 2011 has been up to. To this end, we are (re)starting a series, Last Call, featuring seniors reflecting on their experiences at Brown. Each featured senior will tag another senior for the next installment.

Specific Question: The BlogDH tagged George Miller and asked: What are the top three stories that the Herald covered during your tenure as Editor-in-Chief? That’s a tough question. I can think of three departures that were pretty important, though. The provost announced he’d be leaving. An alum brought down Keith Olbermann. And tableslips died … sort of.

People might know me as... the guy who only goes to the SciLi to print class reading and for a muffin. A former editor at The Herald. A fan of the cereal bar and the Grad Center Bar. An English and anthropology concentrator, because I couldn’t decide which was less useful.

On a Friday night, you might find me… at IHOP. I go international, like Brown.

The best class/professor at Brown is… Professor of English Geoffrey Russom. You missed your chance, though; he’s retired.

Three things I wish I knew freshmen year... Buses are fun, and free. More free than fun. The semester always ends sooner than you think. And you might want to hold on to some of those books, since you’re probably going to be assigned them again.   Continue Reading

Free Cone Day!

237 Meeting Street. Be there or be square (but only ’til 8 pm!).  And yes, that is the Ben and Jerry’s line extending past Johnny Rockets.

Image via Ana Colón / BlogDailyHerald.

Pre-pare, pre-frosh pre-meds


The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recently proposed extending the dreaded MCAT by 90 minutes to a whopping 7 hours total.  If implemented, this proposal wouldn’t take effect until 2015 (yet another reason to choose PLME).

They are considering adding more material about behavioral and social sciences.

As if being a pre-med weren’t rough enough.

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Lissy Trullie

Singer/Song-writer/Janitor/Artist/Model/Dishwasher Lissy Trullie is going to bat for the hipster crowd this Spring Weekend. With a tinge of world-weariness in her throaty voice, blunt pixie haircut, kohl-rimmed eyes, and second-skin skinnies, she calls to mind the too-cool RISD student you sat next to on RIPTA once. However, when asked, she seems genuinely perplexed at this image of her. She asks an ABC NOW correspondent, “I don’t seem grumpy to you, do I?”

Her songs are surprisingly catchy. “Ready for the Floor” and “Boy Boy” worm their way into your brain. You may find yourself humming along. And honestly, how can you dislike someone who regularly covers Biz Markie’s hit “Just a Friend” in concert? Trullie puts her own unique spin on it. After she sings, “I saw a fellow making out with my girl on the floor,” she tosses her hair in a nonchalant manner, suggesting she is thinking, “Whatevs.”

Some more of her songs after the jump:

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LIVE from the Housing Lottery: Night One

It’s time to get geared up for round one.  The first night of the Housing Lottery is upon us, and BlogDailyHerald is on the scene in Sayles Hall to provide LIVE coverage.  We’ll be here ‘til the last number of the night (whattup 460, we see you) chooses a room or passes into summer assignment.  You can follow the lottery as it happens on the online projection available on the ResCouncil website.  We’re here to give you commentary on the human side of things: the screams of victory, the sighs of defeat, and everything in between. It’s going to be a long night folks, so bring some refreshments, get comfortable, and brace yourself for a truly wild ride.