Cup o'(Pro)Jo: May 2, 2011

As usual, Rhode Island legislators have been hard at work. Their latest proposal? “Scratch-a-tick”. This new lottery game, currently under consideration in the General Assembly, would allow up to $200,000 of the game’s proceeds to go towards tick-disease prevention and research. For those of you staying in Providence this summer, watch out. According to the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Vector-Borne Disease and Tick Encounter Resource Center, Rhode Island ranks second in the nation for “per-capita incidence of tick-transmitted diseases.” Lyme disease, anyone? Continue Reading

Cup o'(Pro)Jo: April 25, 2011

Like No Udder, the delicious frozen-treat truck that sometimes makes an appearance on the campus, has won PETA’s number 5 spot for the top-five vegan-friendly food trucks in the U.S. “We give Like No Udder — and all our winners — five big honks for helping to make delicious and animal-friendly vegan food more convenient than ever,” said PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman. Since it was a record-breaking 78 degrees yesterday, we can only hope to see the brightly-colored truck sharing a permanent space with Mama Kim’s ASAP. Check (stalk) out their website for real-time locations. Need more incentive? They’re also hosting an all-you-can-eat May Day breakfast.

Rhode Island House Minority Leader Robert Watson, R-East Greenwich, was stopped at a police checkpoint in Connecticut Friday evening and is currently facing drug possession charges. He was charged with “possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence” and was released with the promise to appear in court. In an update, Watson has released a statement that “vehemently” denies all charges. Continue Reading

Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 18, 2011

Been hankering for a burning river, soulful music and some gondolas? Can’t make it to Venice because of all those final papers? You’re in luck. WaterFire has announced its opening schedule, with the first partial lighting set for Wednesday April 27. Orgo kids, take note — it’s a fabulous way to drown your sorrows after that midterm. For those of you who still insist on referring to it as ‘the waterfires’ (like your parents might say ‘the’ facebook), drop the definite article. please. You’ll never be mistaken for a native if you speak like that.  Continue Reading

Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 11, 2011

Donald J. Jones III is being held without bail after traveling from New Jersey to Rhode Island to have sex with a minor girl. Jones faces a minimum 25-year sentence as a “repeat offender and child predator,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Roger. Jones allegedly told officers that he was “grooming” a six-year old girl and her four-year old sister in preparation to molest them. According to Roger, both girls have been found. Continue Reading

Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 4, 2011

One long-necked Rhode Islander became a proud father this Saturday — officials welcomed a baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo for the first time in 25 years. The wobbly calf, born to Tessa from the Houston Zoo and Kimba from Rhode Island’s own Roger Williams Park Zoo, was apparently trying to stand up less than half an hour after the delivery. The couple was brought together at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2008 — a giraffe gestational period is 15 months! Continue Reading

Cup o'(Pro) Jo: March 21, 2011

Rhode Islanders left $99 million in unclaimed college-related tax breaks up for grabs last year. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, only 35.7 percent of eligible Rhode Island families laid claim to the break, called the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which provides a credit of up to $2500 a year to middle-class families for the first four years of undergraduate studies. The 51,000 who qualify still have time to cash in on the refund. Don’t forget, this rebate is a nationwide deal!

Providence’s bond rating — an evaluation of the credit worthiness of debt issued by the government — has been knocked down two slots, from A to AA- by the independent national rating service, Fitch Rating. Citing the city’s looming $180 million budget deficit, Fitch also brought up concerns about Providence’s ability to generate enough money flow to support current city operations.  This announcement follows closely on the heels of Moody’s Investors Service’s decision to downgrade Providence from an A1 to an A3 rating.

Dear weather,

In case you forgot, today is the vernal equinox. Not April Fool’s day — that’s actually eleven whole days away. We were doing so well…what happened? Oh, and Projo, retract your cheery statement, “on this first full day of spring, snow is in the forecast,” and we’ll consider forgiving you. Half an inch before 3 p.m., followed by rain, never gets the week off to a good start.