10 most Brown-relevant Mean Girls quotes

“She doesn’t even go here!”

Ten years ago, Tina Fey wrote a little movie that quickly made its way into the millennial vernacular. If you spend enough time in the Blue Room, you’re bound to overhear someone trying to make fetch happen, or saying crack again. (“Crack.”) You don’t need to “have ESPN or something” to get it: Mean Girls is arguably the most quotable movie of our generation. For journalism, I sat down and rewatched the classic in preparation for BlogDH and BUFF’s anniversary screening and picked out the 10 most relevant quotes to Brown. Believe me, it was tough. I mean, “how do I begin to explain Regina George…”

Microsoft Word to you, when you try to write about heteronormativity:

Taking your first sip of everclear at a freshman party:

Reading the comments section of a Herald Opinions column:

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We’re live-blogging the “Changing Stereotypes in Television” Panel


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Plouf Plouf is making a $60 burger


BlogDH’s Comprehensive Guide to Study Abroad


With study abroad decisions in the near future for many underclassmen, the campus seems overwhelmed with travel-relevant questions. Sophomores on BlogDH had our own questions, so we created a Blog panel in order to answer some of the basics, including the dichotomy between studying abroad in the Fall and the Spring. Our Fall correspondent went to Copenhagen, Denmark, and our Spring correspondent went to Paris, France.

Will I implode on myself if I miss Spring Weekend?

Spring: Um, no. If you go your junior spring, you’ll still have your senior Spring Weekend, which is the most important. Depending on where you go abroad, you might also get a Spring Weekend-esque concert. I was in France when gay marriage was legalized, and MIKA gave a free, outdoor concert. There were thousands of people, the performance was amazing, and I didn’t have to wake up at an ungodly hour to give BCA my money.

Is it more fun to have warm weather when I arrive or at the end of my stay abroad?

Fall: Particularly for the destination in which I chose to study abroad, it was really great having warm weather when I arrived. Being able to explore an unfamiliar, new home in the sunlight and warmth was a way to make the transition much smoother. More specifically, the place I went also increasingly loses hours of light by the minute, so by the time I left in December there were only six hours of daylight. I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate the streets of a foreign city in the darkness.

Spring: I enjoyed going from cold to warm because it meant the weather could only get better with time. I also chose to study abroad in the spring because I hate Providence weather from January-April. The way I saw it, if I’m going to be cold, I might as well be cold in Europe.

What’s the deal with commuting?

Fall: It differs based on what the details of your program are. Some are situated on campuses on which all students live, whereas others (like the one I attended) are more of “commuter” schools. If you are studying abroad in Europe, however, the public transportation systems are almost guaranteed to be very functional and easy to navigate. The program will usually cover your commuting costs, as well.


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A cool thing you shouldn’t miss: French Film Festival

Starting this Thursday at the Cable Car Cinema, you’ll be able to enjoy a week of some of the best cinéma French-speaking countries have to offer at the annual Providence French Film Festival. Each year, the French Studies and MCM departments seek out the most noteworthy films made in francophone countries, and work with the Cable Car Cinema to bring them to Providence.

Shoggy Waryn, a senior lecturer of the French Studies department and a specialist in French cinema, was actively involved in the Festival since 2005, when he first arrived at Brown. Waryn passed away on February 18, 2014.

Many of the selected films received critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival and a lot of attention elsewhere. One of the biggest films in this year’s lineup, Blue is the Warmest Color, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, was banned in certain theaters in Idaho for its explicit sex scenes. So there’s that. Below are some examples of the fantastic films that the Festival has to offer. Tickets are $7 per screening with a student ID, or $20 for 4.

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12 Days of Flogmas, Day Four: Blue Room booth-hoggers

Santa Bear Flogmas Booth

This time of year is hard for everybody. Some are drowning in work, others are stressed about jobs; some are worried about getting through their holiday gift lists in time, others are worried about surviving the winter weather. We get it: everybody has something. And we all have different ways of coping with it. But one thing is unforgivable; one thing, we will not let you get away with: hogging up the precious sitting area that is a Blue Room booth.

The Blue Room is the epicenter of campus. It’s ideal for meeting up with people, for carbo-loading before a long night at the Rock, and for running into people you have been avoiding haven’t seen all semester. But somewhere between the social butterflies and the enticing aroma of muffins, people forget basic etiquette. I could go on about messy tables, huge crowds around a four-seat table, and the 4 p.m. dinner rush—but I’m fighting a different battle.  Continue Reading