Prof. Josiah Carberry misses Fri. Sept. 13th lecture, lets down Brown


I won’t lie — school has been wearing me down. Classes have started to take their toll; I’m tired, hungry, exhausted and I think I stepped on the Pembroke seal earlier today.

For all these reasons and more I was particularly excited to see notices around school announcing that Professor Josiah Carberry would be lecturing today, Friday September 13th, on his specialty — psychoceramics (the study of “cracked pots”). This year the topic was “metapsychoceramics,” a groundbreaking topic the depth, width and length of which far exceeds the Blog’s scope.

Was today to be another Watson and Crick (and Franklin?) announcing the double helix structure of DNA? Could it compare to the moon landings? I was confident it would at least dwarf NASA’s supposedly exciting news this week that Voyager I, a spacecraft launched in the 1970s, has become the first man-made object to leave our solar system.

For Carberry, I didn’t spare a single thought to that hunk of metal wandering 11.5 billion miles from Earth carrying the recordings of Blind Willie Johnson, a man who lived in abject poverty his whole life, whose stepmother blinded him with lye, and whose music just left the solar system.

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R.I. Gov. Chafee will not seek reelection

Yesterday Rhode Island residents received a shock when—in a hastily convened press conference outside of the Cranston branch of the R.I. Department of Motor Vehicles—Gov. Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 P’17 announced that he would not be seeking reelection next year.

The announcement sent shock waves through the state’s political world and will almost certainly jump-start what was already expected to be a heated 2014 gubernatorial race.

During the press conference Chafee explained his rationale for opting out after his one term expires in January, 2015: “The challenges we have in this state are very significant and I want to put all my energy and time into addressing those challenges,” Chafee told reporters at the press conference. Here’s a video of the announcement.

Part of what made the announcement so surprising was Chafee’s other big decision this year — that he would be switching his party affiliation from Independent to Democrat. Most observers interpreted the switch as an indication he was gearing up to seek reelection. Continue Reading

RI Senate to decide same-sex marriage!


The Rhode Island Senate will determine today whether Rhode Island legalizes same-sex marriage. If the measure passes, Rhode Island will be the 10th state to allow same-sex marriage.

The Senate convenes at 4pm today and the proceedings can watched online here.

After overwhelming approval by the House in January, passage of the bill would essentially send it straight to the desk of Gov. Lincoln Chafee’75 P’14. Chafee will sign it. Technically the House has to approve the bill again due to a few additional amendments beefing up the protections for religious leaders who do not support same-sex marriage, but that process should be perfunctory.

The bill cleared a significant hurdle yesterday when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved it 7-4, undermining efforts to kill the legislation where it has died in previous years.  Dawson Hodgson, R-North Kingstown, Paul Jabour, D-Providence and particularly William Conley Jr.,D-East Providence were considered swing votes- and all voted to send the bill to the floor of the Senate.

Though Hodgson and Jabour will probably vote for same-sex marriage today, many analysts still see Conley’s vote as up in the air. A vote to send a bill to the Senate for discussion is not a vote to legalize same-sex marriage — necessarily.

The five Republicans in the Senate all committed to vote in favor of same-sex marriage early Tuesday.

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Rhode Island Same-Sex Marriage Panel


The fight over same-sex marriage has taken place across the country, in homes, schools, campaigns and bedrooms, an incredible number of times through recent decades. The issue holds a special place in the American political process for the emotions it raises among both its supporters and its detractors.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage and one of the two major political parties have embraced it as a part of their platform. Now the debate has taken over Rhode Island. Lawmakers in the R.I. House of Representatives passed a bill in February that would legalize same-sex marriage. If the Senate approves the bill, Rhode Island’s governor Lincoln Chafee’75 P’14 will sign it. The matter, however, is far from settled.

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State of the City: Callista Gingrich and an elephant!

Owen Patrick Kennedy, son of former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, was born Sunday and released from the hospital yesterday, destined for a path of political greatness. According to media reports, the young future president slept through his first press conference, an apparent attack on what the 2-day-old today called “the media’s polarizing and irresponsible behavior over the last three years of Obama’s presidency.”

Anthony Gemma, famous for his fictional “yo momma” fight with Congressman David Cicilline ’83 last week, has officially announced his candidacy challenging Cicilline for the Democratic nomination in the race to represent Lil Rhody’s first congressional district in D.C. In his announcement, Gemma told Cicilline his “campaign is so weak, [his] grandmother’s super PAC could raise more money than him.” In response, Cicilline mocked Gemma, saying he “couldn’t understand why a man [he] beat so badly two years ago would want a rematch.” He added, “Unless of course he just wants to see firsthand how a congressman makes a grown man cry.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Newt Gingrich’s wife Callista was spotted campaigning for her husband in a library in East Providence yesterday. Sitting next to someone dressed as an elephant, the national animal of the United States (maybe?), the First Lady-hopeful read to local children from her own children’s book, called Sweet Land of Liberty. Though we at BlogDailyHerald have not read the book — it shockingly hasn’t been assigned in any of our classes — we presume the title of the book is referring to the moon, the Gingrichs’ favorite destination.

State of the City: They arrest people for that?

Fake ID trumps true identity. Governor Chafee’s son Caleb, 18, was arrested trying to buy alcohol at a liquor store in Jamestown, R.I. Police were called and Caleb was charged. He could face a $500 fine. Caleb, word of advice — when you’re the governor’s son and you’re buying liquor in his state, just get a friend to get you booze. Or, another option: go to Spiritus, where they’re very apolitical.

Back-and-forth gets personal. Anthony Gemma, prospective primary challenger to Representative David Cicilline ’83, questioned the timing of former Providence mayor Cicilline’s admission that he made false statements during the 2010 campaign about the city’s financial situation. The accusation was challenged by Cicilline, who told the Providence Journal (#projoswag) he doubted the timing of Gemma’s decision to register as a Democrat. Gemma countered by saying he questioned the timing of Cicilline’s mother’s decision to register as a Democrat. Cicilline responded with “Yo momma’s so far to the right, the Tea Party told her to get with the times.” (At least half of that story is true.) #electionseason

The crumbling masses. In a story that’s sure to light the country on fire, the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council has denied a South Kingstown petition to build a retaining wall alongside Mantunuck Beach Road, an initiative that would work to secure the road against further erosion damage. President Obama, where is the federal leadership on this issue?! The country is eroding in front of your very eyes! (“Eroding,” did you catch that?)