Sextion: Texting etiquette


As the semester winds down, many of us are finding that it’s now or never to get to know (biblically, that is) that special someone in our comp lit class that we’ve been eyeing. Or maybe there was a really enjoyable hookup during Spring Weekend that we want to re-acquaint ourselves with. And, if we’re lucky, we’ve managed to get that person’s phone number but are now at the point where we begin the dreaded texting game. I’m sure many of you know the one I’m talking about: you’re trying to formulate a text message that is equally coy and flirty. You’re trying to seem cool and aloof while still indicating interest, and you definitely don’t want to seem creepy and desperate. So here are my tips on how to craft the perfect text message to your person of interest. The key, I think, is to be honest. And to utilize some semblance of grammar and punctuation; put question marks at the ends of your sentences, folks. Please.

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Sextion: A retrospective on Spring Weekend hookups


We hope your Spring Weekend was as wild and as full of debauchery as ours was. Not so surprisingly, both of your lovely Sextion writers managed to get some action this weekend and we’re here to tell you about it.

Monica Bruinsky: So, Margaret, it sounds like you had a really eventful Spring Weekend. Wanna tell our readers about it?

Margaret Snatcher: Well, Friday night started out pretty normally as far as Spring Weekend goes. I was just pre-gaming with my friends before the concert, brought a flask, and was wearing clothes that I would never let my parents see me in…the usual. However, I went into the evening with high expectations, and let’s just say they were met. Continue Reading

Sextion: Sex on your period


Menstruation itself is a taboo subject, let alone engaging in sexual activity during those days of the month when Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on a woman’s uterus. Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh when, during a not-so-sober evening, one of my guy friends leaned over and said to me, “You’re not a real man until you get some blood on your sword.” While this is mildly chauvinistic and heteronormative, there is some truth in suggesting that sex should not be entirely written off when a woman has her period. For all of those interested, we have listed some pros and cons of having sex when a woman is on her period below. Find out how you can ensure that you are doing it cleanly and safely after the jump. 
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Sextion: Shit our parents told us about sex


I hope you all had an amazing spring break. If you’re one of the many people that went home over break, you may have realized that vacation is the perfect time for your parents to bombard you with questions about your sex life. Or maybe they got a little too wine-drunk during Passover and shared too much information about their own experiences in the bedroom. Either way, our parents say some pretty horrible and hilarious shit stuff when it comes to sex.

Fortunately for me, my older siblings have had to bear the brunt of the majority of my parents’ sex talks, and I was spared some of the worst questions. Like when my dad asked my oldest brother if he masturbated with his whole hand or just the top two fingers. Poor kid. But because my parents know about my passion for sex and sex education, they actually end up asking me a lot of questions. My dad watches a lot of South Park, so when he learns of a new word like “teabagging,” he likes to quiz me on their meanings. And the time I had to explain to my mom that, no, oral sex on a woman does not have to be performed exclusively on a bed. I don’t know if I have to blame my mom or my dad more for that question.

In any case, our parents took on a major role in our sex education, whether by passively giving us books to read like The Naked Apeor by sitting us down and giving us the dreaded “Talk,” so I thought I’d ask some fellow bloggers about the best/worst/most ridiculous things their parents ever told them about sex: Continue Reading

Sextion: 10 things we learned during Sex Week


We hope you had a fantastic time exploring your sexuality during Sex Week last week. We certainly had a lot of fun. And though we, your two lovely Sextion columnists, see ourselves as “sexperts,” we definitely learned a thing or two. Like how to put on a condom with our mouths, for example. Didn’t get to make as many events as you had hoped? No worries! Here are the top 10 things Margaret and Monica learned during Sex Week: Continue Reading

Alums who do cool things: Aida Manduley ‘11

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 1.32.28 AM

If you’re an upperclassman, you probably remember Aida Manduley walking across campus in her bright orange tights and pink metallic Doc Martens. She may have approached you and handed you a condom. If you don’t know Aida, you’re in luck: she’s back on campus to present a workshop on sex toys for Sex Week. Queering the Toybox will take place TONIGHT (Wednesday, March 13) in Metcalf Auditorium from 7-8:30 p.m.

If you’re a sex toy expert, or if the thought of using a hunk of plastic to pleasure yourself freaks you out: attend the workshop! Aida will introduce some new cutting-edge sex toys, like eco-friendly items and toys using microchips.

Mags sat down with Aida last week to learn about her time at Brown and her life as an alum. Aida hails from Puerto Rico. Her sexual development began online, finding comfort and support through online forums and communities. When she got to Brown, she immersed herself in work with the Queer Alliance, eventually branching out into broader sex and sexuality topics. SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council, started in 2007, Aida’s freshman year. The next year, Aida became SHEEC Chair and Sex Week became her brain child.  Sex Week has started some amazing events, such as Spoon Me, Fork Me: An Evening of Sensual Pleasures (a discussion of food porn). It also has featured amazing speakers like Megan Andelloux, the founder of the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure (CSHP) in Pawtucket, RI. Continue Reading