A PSA about the UCS Elections

Voting for our next UCS president has begun, and you should go and do it. Look, we get if it’s your first time, but seriously, it’s just a simple survey link this year, and it’s not that difficult. Depressing fact: only 28 percent of the student body voted last year, and that was somehow an improvement over last year’s turnout. Voting is American like the Fourth of July and baseball, so please stop reading and just vote. We will be waiting for you when you get back.

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It’s actually warm outside

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 1.20.21 PM

Well…wow. Most of the school has already seen the picture above. After looking at this screenshot, I was inclined to think that sure, there are some disappointed people here with this temperature. You know something? If you had told us six days ago it would have been 55 degrees outside, we would have given anything for the opportunity to enjoy it. And you know something? Not only is it warmer today in Providence than it is in San Diego, according to the Weather Channel’s Accuweather 5-Day forecast, but tomorrow is going to be hotter than parts of Colorado and Oklahoma, and almost as hot as Arizona and New Mexico.

This list continues: if you can even believe it, it’s going to be hotter in Providence than it will be in Rome and Sevilla; and it’s going to be warmer than South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan.

After tomorrow, we’re going march up to Old Man Winter to take back our spring. Byaaaaah!

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Speak to me, Muses, of the Compostable Salad Bowls

Its ovular form reminds the viewer of an ancient Greek Hippodrome. Like the chariots of old, the liquids contained within race around the base of its form at speeds so quick, that the dark streaks that remain are the only evidence of their existence. These dark streaks shine oh so brightly relative to the gray floor they despoil. A floor colored gray, not Liam Neeson’s shade but one akin to the grains found on a cigarette butt — an apt comparison considering that the vessel’s depth is no deeper than that of an ash tray. The strength of its form too relates to an ash tray, as its life expectancy is apropos to the people whose proclivities might warrant one. More teflon than kevlar, the container finds much in common with Terry Benedict’s vault, promising to protect its contents for a lifetime, yet crumbling in the face of adversity.

Though perhaps the the bowl fails to draw the right lesson from the Ocean’s Eleven franchise and instead of growing more bloated with each new iteration, has instead shrunk in its most recent form. Alas the most pessimistic of critics might charge the bowl carries with it the hallmarks of the institution from which it comes: swaddling beneficial cost cutting in the grandeurs of eco-friendliness. Yet can one blame the Blue Room, it’s customers are like Legion and no matter what shape their containers contort to, everyone will still buy the eatery’s salads.

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Bracket Bonanza: Rapid reaction

The true Ark of the Covenant

The true Ark of the Covenant

It’s here. It’s finally here. A half-month of lost productivity, illegal betting, and Cinderella stories starts now. Check out BlogDailyHerald’s predictions below.

Midwest Region

The shoo-ins: Not many potential first-round upsets here. Both Middle Tennessee and St. Mary’s are pretty dangerous for First Four teams, so they might give Memphis a run for their money, but I’m going all top seeds in the first round. Don’t listen to any talk about Valparaiso as a potential Cinderella, Tom Izzo has the Spartans way too well-prepared—he always does—for them to lose so early.

The upsets: Creighton over Duke, second round. I’m sorry, I can’t help but root against Coach K and whoever happens to be playing for him. This is how much I don’t like Duke. Makes my day every time. For real, though, Doug McDermott has been averaging 23.1 points per game (2nd in Division I) with a near 50% 3-point shooting percentage. He’s my pick for mid-major breakout player of the tournament (see below). Also, as I mentioned before, Memphis might have trouble with its play-in opponent, but this is sadly a kind of boring bracket, especially compared with the South. Though Oregon is the Pac-12 champ, I don’t think this is the 5-12 upset to pick.

Player to watch: Wooden Award finalist Doug McDermott of Creighton. Just like Jimmer and Gordon Hayward before him, this guy is due to become a household name. Don’t expect him to carry the Bluejays to the national championship, but they might have an upset or two in them.

Regional champ: There are three perennial superpowers in this region, but Louisville isn’t #1 overall for nothing. The team is coming off a huge Big East Tournament victory over Syracuse, and there aren’t many teams who can stop them. Look for them to bounce Michigan State in the Elite 8 and maybe even take the whole thing.

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Heartbeat concert at Brown RISD Hillel tonight

Everyone loves singing. Everyone also wishes that we could solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Good news is that singing is here to help save the day. Music’s pedigree of helping to solve major crises through musicals — see civil rights and Mormonism — is unmatched, so it may have the strongest résumé of any negotiator currently at the table. Tonight, Brown RISD Hillel Hillel is doing its best to help belt out the first note of a renewed peaceful dialogue by hosting the Heartbeat @ Brown-RISD concert. The event is also sponsored by Common Ground, the Middle East Studies Department, and the Program in Judaic Studies.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the group was founded in 2007 is a “an international non-profit organization uniting musicians, educators, and students to build mutual understanding and transform conflict through the power of music.” Transforming conflict takes time, so it’s a good thing that both Hillel and Heartbeat are patient, as the event has been in the works for two years now. The event, which organizers stress is non-political, will feature songs that blend “traditional and modern Eastern and Western music.” That description seems to run the gamut on global music, which is a good thing: unlike the peace process, the concert should have something that appeals to everyone.

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To catch an impostor

It could happen here too.

So a 20-year-old was arrested for pretending to be a Columbia University student. Since Columbia needed 9 months to catch this phony undergrad, and we do go to Brown, the Blog figured we’d give the student body a handy guide to identify any would be Brunonian impostor after the jump:

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