Spring Weekend student DJ poll: Take two

The battle for Spring Weekend glory continues. Late last February, the Brown Concert Agency announced their campaign to choose a student DJ to play between sets on the festival’s final night. After reviewing mix submissions, they narrowed the pool down to three candidates —Nick Melachrinos ’15, Tristan Rodman ’15 and Abe Arambolo ’13—and put the decision in our hands. 

That’s when things got a little messy. Over Spring Break it became clear that some unfair practices were used to sway the results. By the time we returned to school, over three thousand votes had been tallied. The huge vote push could have been the product of a sweeping democratic impulse throughout our vacationing student body. However, the more cynical among us were quicker to attribute it to a few enterprising computer scientists. No one is interested in pointing any fingers — especially BCA — but turns out it’s very possible to rig results for polls like these using a script that automatically votes from open IP adresses. When the BCA came across “evidence” of this sort of vote tampering last week, they shut the thing down and started from scratch.

The new poll can be found on BCA’s blog. They used Google Forms to set up the poll this time, so the only way to vote is to use a legitimate Brown email address. Make sure not to get too tricky or eager; multiple submissions from the same email will void all of that email’s submissions. Listen to the mixes, vote for your favorite, and spread the word!

Spring Weekend After Dark tickets on sale

SW After Dark

Earlier this week, a group of students announced the details for “Spring Weekend After Dark,” a party following A-Trak’s set on Friday the 19th. The concert will take place at Lupo’s from 10:45 p.m. to 3 a.m. Discounting the exodus down Westminster, that’s about 8 straight hours of dance (and bounce) music. The lineup, which sports some serious name recognition, promises to make the bodily sacrifice worthwhile.

Topping the bill is James Murphy, the lightly-bearded mastermind of LCD Soundsystem fame. Since that group’s dramatic dissolution, Murphy has kept himself busy collaborating with other musicians, running his record label and playing DJ sets. Here’s a taste of the DJ chops he’ll bring to Lupo’s on the 19th. Judging by the spirited shuffles he elicits from those apathetic Brits, Murphy will surely be a hit in front of more a more intoxicated lively Providence crowd.

Neon Indian, the cerebral synth-pop project of Mexican-born Alan Palomo, is also booked to play a DJ set. Palomo has shown a knack for crafting unique and accessible electronica in his two full-length releases as Neon Indian. He also has considerable experience as a DJ; he once dabbled in producing more traditional dance music, and he often plays DJ sets under the Neon Indian moniker.

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‘Vine’ at Brown: Details on the campus craze

Vine, a social media app launched by Twitter last January, is causing quite the stir on campus. The premise is simple. Your homepage is a feed of your friends’ looping six-second videos. To make your own, you just touch your finger to the screen in the video interface to record.

Some users take its often-used descriptor to heart and treat the app as an “Instagram for videos.” Brown students don’t fall into this category. From documenting pranks at the Blue Room to crafting elaborate scenes amongst friends, they have taken the craft of Vining to awe-inspiring and laugh-inducing levels. Every day the creative community of Brown Viners grows larger and stronger–so we thought we’d hop abroad the Vine train.

We recently dispatched two of our most available capable “journalists”  to get the scoop on the growing trend–and document their results on Vine. Their educational Vines are posted below, among which are student takes on the app and depictions of Brown’s most-common Vine prototypes. Click the sound logo on the top right when you’re ready to watch one. And if you haven’t already, make sure to join Vine and follow BlogDailyHerald for more informative updates down the road.

It seems like a lot of students are “Vining” these days…

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Time-waster of the day: March 8, 2013

Sofia Coppola, the prodigal daughter behind Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicide, has a new movie on the way. The Bling Ring is the sort-of true story of a group of teenagers that robbed homes of celebrities. Above is the just-released teaser, complete with shots of betch-ed out Emma Watson applying lipgloss and fast cuts of strip clubs. Exciting! Provocative!

Free food digest: March 6, 2013

Eat free or dine trying.

MES Luncheon Seminar
12:00-1 p.m.
Watson Institute, Mckinney Room

Visiting professor of Judaic studies Katharina Galor will give a talk entitled “Finding Jerusalem: Archaeology between Science and Politics.”

International Relations Open House
5 p.m.
Watson Institute, North Common Room

Prospective and declared concentrators alike are invited to join the concentration advisor and DUG members for an hour-long info session. Kabob and Curry will be provided.

Pixar Animation Studios Information Session
6-7:30 p.m.

Contrary to yesterday’s morning mail, turns out Pixar will be at the CareerLAB TODAY. Head over to learn about internship opportunities and enjoy some free Kabob & Curry. 

Third annual Brown Unplugged competition underway

Last Tuesday, as the sun peeked through fading February clouds, dorms across campus went dark. March 1st marked the beginning of the third annual Brown Unplugged competition, a battle for energy savings between 14 dorm clusters. For three weeks, dorms will be pitted against each other to see which group can best reduce their energy consumption. Last year, students saved 23,000 kWh, knocking $3,000 off of Brown’s bill. Things are moving a little more slowly this year, but the competition is sure to fire up as more students power down. You can check on the current standings here.

EcoReps, a student group that seeks to make our campus greener, seems to be using a three-pronged strategy to mobilize dorms to reduce energy consumption: sexual innuendos, free pizza and Christina Paxson. The slogan for the contest is, “Do it in the Dark” and its advertising campaign has used the promotional slogan, “I remember to pull out.” As if that wasn’t enough to entice students to participate, the winning group gets a free pizza dinner with the President Paxson.

Brown could use a little more inter-dorm competition, and this one’s for a good cause. Register here if you’d like to commit to conserve.

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