Even more ways to procrastinate: the Organ concert

AGAIN?!?!  Yes.

Just when you thought that finals period had completely sucked away your will to live, the Intergalactic Community of A Capella came to the rescue with a glass-shattering rendition of “All Rise.” The usual rules apply: bring blankets, food and, if you’re feeling especially daring, a bottle of Strongbow. The Facebook event also promises that the portraits in Sayles will come alive and join in the festivities, so, yeah, there’s always that if you’re not into the whole music thing. We know that you have a shit ton of work, but so does everyone else.

The concert, taking place in Sayles, starts at midnight (but get there earlier if you want good seats!) and goes until 2 am.

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Happening now: Andy Suzuki & The Method Secret Show

Andy Suzuki ’09 and his band, The Method, are playing a “secret show” at the Gate. It’s completely free and happening right now (it began at 7:30). C’mon, take a study break. You know you want to.

Photo by Emily Gilbert / Herald

Free food digest: December 8, 2011

WiSE Study Break
6-8 pm
SciLi 3rd Floor

Enjoy gingerbread, eggnog and Christmas specials with WiSE to take a break from all that studying. Humanities concentrators welcome, too.

Breakthrough Collaborative Informational
7-8:30 pm

Learn about opportunities to teach middle school students over the summer! There’s no indication of what kind of free food will be available at this info session, but we’re hopeful.

All Class Holiday Study Break
Petteruti Lounge, Faunce
7-8 pm

Schmooze with your classmates and enjoy hot chocolate while building gingerbread houses. The Class Coordinating Board has extended this invitation to faculty as well, so we can only hope that our favorite dean will be in attendance.

Movie and Food with the NeuroDUG
8-10 pm
MacMillan 115

Come to get free Kabob and Curry and see The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.

Sarah Doyle Women’s Center Parks and Rec Study Break
8:30-9:30 pm
Sarah Doyle Women’s Center

Watch the most recent episode of Parks and Recreation while enjoying cookies with the folks from the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center.

Alums who do cool things: Sarah Kay’s ’10 new book

Sarah Kay ’10 has published an illustrated version of her poem “B”, the piece with which she opened her TED talk in March.  The poem, dedicated to a hypothetical future daughter, is poignant, funny, unbelievably wise beyond Kay’s years and hard to summarize in one sentence — which is why you should listen to it yourself.  Available for only $6, the beautiful hardcover features illustrations by Sophia Janowitz, Kay’s oldest friend and a 2010 Yale graduate.  With nothing but five-star reviews so far, “B” is #70 on Amazon’s bestsellers list and rising, surpassing even Tina Fey’s autobiography.  You can buy the book and read a brief interview with Kay here.

Many of Kay’s spoken word poems can be found online. Kay first performed for a national audience when she recited an original poem entitled “Hands” on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam in 2007.  Since then, she has become a YouTube sensation; her videos regularly receive upward of 100,000 hits, and the recording of her performance on HBO boasts over 700,000. She has performed in the UK, India, the Czech Republic and South Africa. Joined by Phil Kaye ’10, Kay co-directs Project V.O.I.C.E., a nonprofit that brings spoken word poetry to grade school students.

Kay is currently working toward an MAT in Secondary English Education at Brown.

Free food digest: December 1, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.

“Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making”
4-5 pm
CIT Room 368

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao of Tsinghua University in Beijing will discuss the challenges and promises of quantum computing. The CS department generally holds pretty good (read: generous) receptions after its lectures, so definitely check this one out if you have any interest in the subject of the talk.

MMI Fall Seminar: Leo Lefrancois, Ph.D.
4-5 pm
Biomed 291

Wattup refreshments. I see you being served at 3:45 pm.

(Be)Longing: A Workshop on Race and Desire in the LGBTQ Community
7-9 pm
Robert Campus Center, Petteruti Lounge

Sponsored by TWC, QPAC and the LGBTQ Center. There will also be free pizza!

The Reporter screening
8 pm
List 120

Disclaimer: this film is not about an intrepid blogger/Brown student who, through his misadventures in cyberspace, discovers his true calling in life. It’s about, like, a crisis in the DRC and some NYT reporter. Whatevs. Free Nice Slice.

Wyclef’s charity fights allegations of questionable spending

Yele Haiti — a charity run by former Africana Studies visiting fellow and hip hop artist Wyclef Jean — spent less than a third of its $16 million revenue on emergency relief efforts in 2010, according to a report published by the New York Post on Sunday.

In addition to spending millions on various dubious contracts, Jean’s charity also paid $1 million to Amisphere Farm Labor Inc., a Florida-based firm that “doesn’t seem to exist.”

After the Haiti earthquake struck on January 12, 2010, Jean asked his twitter followers for $5 donations, which immediately came pouring in. Prior to the earthquake, the charity had been especially cash strapped, reporting a $244,000 net loss in 2009.

These allegations mark the second time that Jean’s charity has come under serious media scrutiny for its use of donations. Four years ago, Yele Haiti spent  $250,000 on a Haitian television station jointly owned by Jean and his cousin, Jerry Duplessis. This expense was then publicized in a 2010 report by the New York Post that first criticized Yele Haiti for its spending practices. Continue Reading