Cone Zone update: weekend special

For our geometric friends who refuse to eat pancakes not in the shape of Mickey Mouse or consume alcohol not in the shape of jell-o shots, the new cone restaurant on Thayer was made for you. It calls itself Toledo, but it has made its way through the Brown circuit referred to as “All in a Cone”. The restaurant takes its moniker from the fact that regular food disguises itself as a cone. In order to preserve its meaning, let’s just refer to it as the “cone clones” (take a cue, G. Lucas!).

In order to celebrate its opening, the restaurant is slashing prices to $1 or $2 for all its menu items from Friday until Sunday. Its outside states that it serves pizza, Mediterranean food, salads, and more in cones. What is the most pressing issue, however, is whether they serve ice cream in cones or in a cooler, alt-er shape.

What your coffee says about you

As if you didn’t already have someone constantly telling you what you are.


Starbucks: Prepsters willing to wait in a line 8 men deep for their “signature” drink. It is a complicated combination of sugar, mocha, less milk, more cream that they started ordering in the 7th grade. When asked about it, they’re quick to respond, “I always get this drink.” Also can be a businessman talking loudly on the phone taking up couch space.

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