Brown Barrel: Tonight in Comedy

To everyone who packed house at the comedy shows and read the funny papers this semester: our profound thanks. It’s been amazing. Just one last event on this the last remotely reasonable weekend to hold a show…

Starla and Sons, Tonight at 9 in Hunter Auditorium

It’s the very last show for Starla’s seniors. It’s the very first show for their rookies. It’s a break from studying or whatever you’re doing. Drop by the psych building tonight for an hour or so of delicious improv comedy.

Brown Barrel: This weekend in comedy

On the docket:

Brown Stand Up Comics — The Senior Roast, tonight at 9 in Lower Salomon.

The senior comics are graduating, just like all seniors. Unlike all seniors, they’re about to cry fitfully as the rest of the group makes fun of their shameful pasts, their personalities, and their very souls.

Out of Bounds — Señor Night, Saturday night at 9 in MacMillan 117

Out of Bounds’ last show of the year will feature 15 all-new sketches plus a retro sketch chosen by each of the five graduating senior group members. Much like the senior comics, the senior OOB members are graduating. Don’t miss your last chance to see them in action!

Plus, the Brown Noser and the Brown Jug are in various places on campus now. Check them out.

Brown Barrel: Internship

The Brown Barrel is an alliance of Brown’s written and performance comedy groups. This column runs twice a week. The first is short written humor, the second foretells upcoming comedy events.

Internship Application Decision


After reviewing your application and résumé, we believe that you are, by almost all accounts, an excellent candidate for the summer internship position at Twitter this summer. You seem bright and driven, and you have obviously put in time to learn many of the key skills necessary for the field of new media. However, it is important that you realize that the decisions you make about how you represent yourself online are absolutely fair game for employers like us to use in deciding between similar candidates.

What concerns us specifically is your Facebook profile. We tried clicking on everything, but it seems that you have some kind of privacy restriction in place that prevents us from seeing anything but your profile picture. What are you trying to say with this over-the-top security, Hilary? That you’re too cool to let us see your pictures? That you’re ashamed to show your full personality to the world? That you have something to hide? The field of new media is all about being outgoing, and we hesitate to accept a candidate who seems bent on concealing information.   Continue Reading

Brown Barrel: Bad Piñatas

Less popular piñata prizes

a beehive
chess pieces
fine china
Good & Plenties

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Brown Barrel: Comedy Week

There’s an unbelievable number of events happening in comedy this week, so we’ll cut the foreplay and get to the good stuff:

1. The Storm of Mystery, a student-written, produced, directed, acted, crewed, and catered (feat. Brown Dining Services) dinner theater murder mystery play by the Brown Noser, is tonight at 7:30 in Andrews Dining Hall. Catered tickets sold out, but you can buy reduced price non-food tickets from 2-4pm today at JWW or at the door starting at 7.

2. Andy Kindler tomorrow at 9pm in Salomon 101. Kindler, a professional comic and judge Last Comic Standing, will share the stage with the Brown Stand Up Comics. It’s a free show catered for free by Mama Kim’s Korean Barbecue.

3. Starla & Sons, tomorrow at 8pm, location unknown to me now but surely very easy to find out. It’ll be their first show with brand new members– go to the show to find out who these people are!

4. Keep an ear to the ground for news on the time and location of the IMPROVidence long show. It starts somewhere, sometime on Friday and runs to Saturday for a whopping 28 hours.

5. An ADOCH show for everyone: at 11pm on Monday night in MacMillan 117, all four Brown performance comedy groups will unite. There will be a few jokes from the Comics, a few sketches from Out of Bounds, a few glorious bits of improv from Starla and IMPROVidence. Prefrosh want to see what Brown comedy is like, and are we gonna let them? Hell no. If they’re really the most selective class in history, let’s make them fight for the 8.7 percent of the seats left in MacMillan after real Brown students fill the place. Everyone’s invited.

6. You didn’t think there could possibly be a 6, but there is. The ‘RISK!’ shows with Michael Ian Black are next Wednesday, and tickets just went on sale. Get ’em while they’re hot at JWW, 2-4pm every day until show date or until tickets run out.

Brown Barrel: Many Famous Comedians Coming to Brown

Many more famous comedians than you might have expected are coming to Brown in April!

Andy Kindler, the judge from Last Comic Standing, will merge forces with the Brown Stand Up Comics on Friday, April 8 for a massive and FREE show in Salomon 101.

Then, and this is up-to-the-second news:

Michael Showalter has just confirmed that he will join his longtime partner-in-comedy and Stella co-star Michael Ian Black for the April 13th RISK! shows in MacMillan 117. They will tell embarrasing stories from their past. Brown students and faculty will open the show with stories of their own, including one from (and this was just confirmed this week) English professor extraordinaire Deak Nabers!