Brown Barrel: Blue Room

The Brown Barrel is an alliance of Brown’s written and performance comedy groups. This column runs twice a week. The first is short written humor, the second foretells upcoming comedy events.

Blue Room Breakfast Warnings

Banana Walnut Muffin– Contains Walnuts

Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffin– Contains Walnuts

Almond Croissant– Contains Nuts

Fruit Danish– Contains Fruit

Spinach Feta Croissant— Contains Spinach, May Contain Feta

Ham and Cheese Croissant– Not Vegan

Sunflower Seed Bagel– Has Hole in Middle Continue Reading

Brown Barrel: The Weekend in Comedy

THURSDAY 9pm in MacMillan 117: Brown Stand Up Comics

It’s the day before Friday, and we we we so excited for the Brown Stand Up Comics’ last show before break (and last show before big-time comedian Andy Kindler visits in early April) so get down to MacMillan for a night of jazz, jokes, and partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!)!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY 9pm in Salomon 001: Starla and Sons

It’s Friday, Friday!! Think about fun! Then think about Starla and Sons’ amazing improv comedy show. Come to Lower Salomon, and see all your friends. They’re kicking in the front seats. Or maybe sitting in the back seat. How are you going to choose a seat?!

SATURDAY 9pm in MacMillan 117: Out of Bounds

No time for bowls of cereal today, because it’s Saturday, the day after Friday! After months of anticipation it’s finally time for Out of Bounds’ first show of the semester. Arrive early at MacMillan 117–it’s going to be fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

SUNDAY 2pm, 3:15pm, and 4:30pm in List Art Center Room 110: Starla Auditions

Sunday comes afterwards, and you don’t want this weekend to end, so finish it off by auditioning for Starla and Sons, your improv comedy heroes from FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!

Michael Ian Black at RISK!

If you were disappointed by this year’s Spring Weekend headliners, here’s another event during Spring Week that might cheer you up. Comedian Kevin Allison of The State runs a popular story-telling podcast called “RISK!” and after talking with Out of Bounds, Kevin and the show are officially coming to Brown for their first ever ever college gig. Michael Ian Black is slated to headline the episode, which will be split between two shows in MacMillan 117 on the Wednesday of Spring Week:

1. Wednesday, April 13th at 7pm in MacMillan 117

2. Wednesday, April 13th at 10pm in MacMillan 117

Brown Barrel: Comedy Update

First, Brown’s brand new digital short film group Bear Witch Project released its first short this week, a spoof of 127 hours. It’s the first in a series of short videos to be produced by the comedy filmmakers every other week this semester.

Second, tonight at 9pm there’s a small and pretty informal Brown Stand Up Comics song-and-stories based show in Petteruti Lounge. We’re trying not to advertise it too aggressively, though, since there will be a louder and far more important one next week. But come by if you want, and if not, then no hard feelings, eh?

Brown Barrel: Tonight in Comedy

A monstrous night of comedy lies ahead. Take your pick between…

1. IMPROVidence, Friday, 9pm – 10pm in Lower Salomon
An hour of on-the-spot improvisational comedy from the talented cast of IMPROVidence, who are fully off book and ready for their first show. If you tend to expect disappointment, then expect to be sorely disappointed.

2. Stand-Up Comedy at the Spot Underground, 8pm – 9:30pm at 15 Elbow Street

Brown stand up comics Lara Knorek, Samer Muallem, and Will Ruehle are playing away this week, performing their 10-minute routines off campus at the Spot Underground. A large group of Brown students will gather at Faunce Arch at 7:30 and walk over there as one giant audience-horde.

Brown Barrel: ROTC

The Brown Barrel is an alliance of Brown’s written and performance comedy groups. This column runs twice a week. The first is short written humor, the second foretells upcoming comedy events.

Brown stripped the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps of its academic status during the widely-opposed-by-students Vietnam War. Then we forgot about all that and started excluding ROTC from Brown based on other criteria. But now the military has changed its ways and it’s apparently time to reconsider. Can its college officer commissioning program buck the trend of ROTCs that have been successfully kept off Brown’s campus?

Reserve Officer Tanning Club
Red Oyster Tasting Cult
Rattlesnakes On The Campus
Rich Oil Tycoon Coalition
Revenge Of The Clones
Raunchy Orangutan Tango Company
Raptors Opposed To Change

Campus is significantly more livable without rattlesnakes and complacent raptors.