Round XV: The Herald clinches yet another kickball victory


The good guys always come out on top.

In the fifteenth round of The Herald v. the College Hill ‘Dependent semesterly kickball rivalry, your athletic friends from the BDH Beta Delta Eta were victorious yet again.

The game lasted a total of five innings, with the final score rounding off at 13-4. Herald Senior Staff Writer Dante O’Connell ’16 earned himself an MVP title for killer work in the outfield, as did General Manager Sam Plotner ’14 for driving home several runs.

In the spirit of camaraderie, the greatest publication you will ever meet—and the worst—joined hands after the game and sang a nice kumbaya. Just kidding—we played another inning just for fun, and no one from the Indy scored.

Saturday’s victory brings the all-time Herald versus Indy record to 12-3 (which is what happens when one team brings tennis shoes to an athletic event and the other brings cigarettes).

Thanks for another great win, Indy staffers, and see you next semester! (We hear hipsters tend to bloom in the spring, so we’re expecting big things.)

Round XIV: The Herald is victorious, obviously


The few, the proud.

Our winning streak just sees no sign of stopping.

In the fourteenth installment of The Herald’s semesterly clobbering kickball game against the College Hill ‘Dependent, the good guys have secured yet another win against the Indy, with a final score of 7-6.

The battle lasted a merciful eight innings and featured a number of all-star performances from Herald staffers. Staff Writer Michael Dubin ’16 earned his MVP title for a stellar performance as a first baseman, and Design Editor Brisa Bodell ’15 was named MVP for her unmatched team spirit and for staring down the face of death to get a W with an injury in the field. City & State Editor Adam Toobin ’15 also gets props for a game winning catch, which was promptly followed by a wave of Indy tears.

This brings the final Herald-Indy series record to 11-3. And some friendly athletic advice, Indy players: It helps if you don’t smoke cigarettes while playing a sport. Also, tennis shoes.

(But seriously, props for being good sports, and see ya next year!)

The Herald brings you further into the 21st century with data science

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 2.26.58 PMAs The Herald moves further and further into 21st century, we’d like to bring you our next development in online journalism: our incredible, brilliant data science team (aka, the future Nate Silvers of America).

For the first data science project, Herald Data Science Editor Andersen Chen ’14 and Data Science Contributor Marvin Arroz ’14 have created a beautiful interactive graphic that compiles 28 years worth of data from the Brown’s Office of Institutional Research on all the concentrations Brown offers and how they’ve changed over time.

You can use the interactive graphic in two modes:

  • “Line” is the default view, which plots the number of concentrators in a particular concentration over time with a solid line.
  • “Area” mode stacks the data, allowing you to see more clearly trends involving related concentrations. The thickness of a colored band in a given year is proportional to the number of degrees completed in the concentration that year.

Want to see changes in just your concentration? Select the name of a concentration to see only its data. Click on checkmarks for others to compare multiple concentrations. Once you’re ready to switch back to viewing all of them, click on a highlighted concentration again. Continue Reading

The Herald welcomes you to the new semester with a sparkly new website

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.19.07 PM

With the start of the new semester — and the icy wintry welcome Providence gave us for the first day of class — The Herald not only brought you a paper to welcome you to 2013 but yet another way to strategically waste time online.

On behalf of The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDH’s umbrella organization (or more affectionately, our wise older sibling who always makes curfew), we would like to cordially welcome you to The Herald’s sparkly, shiny, spankin’ new website.

Here’s a rundown of the site’s new features that we think make it better for you, the reader, than our previous site, courtesy of The Herald’s Strategic Director Greg Jordan-Detamore ’14 and Assistant Web Producer Neal Poole ’13: Continue Reading

Blorgchiving: The legacy of the SciLi Donkey

As finals close in and I begin to spend all hours of the night a completely healthy amount of time in the SciLi like the well-adjusted third-year student I am, all this time in the concrete building that’s made of concrete has given me ample time to think about how to improve our favorite dismal(-looking) building.

Imagine: You’re preparing yourself for a FriSC(y) night in the SciLi basement. After stocking up on some study aids from Starbucks, you pass through the cloud of smoke from hipsters congregating outside the SciLi door. To finish your pre-routine for a stint in the rectangular prism that feeds on the souls of pre-meds, you look up for some additional affirmation…

…and look upon a giant painting of an existential donkey.

“No one understands me.”

But for Brown students in 2004, this seemingly odd situation was their reality, and they were devastated when the “SciLi donkey sail(ed) away.”  Check it out after the jump. Continue Reading

Get off the Hill: Rhode Island Comic Con (Nov. 3-4)

Whatever fun plans your weekend has in store — from SexPowerGod to post-Halloweekend festivities to a nostalgia trip rager brought to you by The Herald — we have one more proposition for you…

…it’s time to get fucking nerdy.

Rhode Island is hosting its first ever (!) Comic Con this weekend, just down the Hill in the heart of downtown Providence. “The biggest show in the smallest state” promises to be a banger — and that’s not even including the raunchy after party.

According to the convention’s website (which clearly feels our LEAP DAY SPIRIT), attendees will have an array of hilarious, awesome, fascinating activities and comic world celebrities to choose from to fill their weekend. The con features your standard con events such as costume contest, Munchkin tournaments and Q&As with celebrity guests (such as the cast of the Power Rangers and the original cast of Battlestar Galactica).

But there’s also a jedi training class, a Dr. Horrible Sing Along and something called Buffy the Musical? You really don’t have to ask us twice.

If you’re still not convinced, here are our favorite guest appearances this weekend’s conference and why you’ll love them all. Check it out after the jump. Continue Reading