Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex

Faunce Arch, Andrews Hall, Keeney Quadrangle, Wriston Quad, Caswell Hall… these are all familiar buildings on campus named appropriately after former presidents of Brown University. E. Gordon Gee, however, known for his notorious years at Brown, left the most legendary (yet perhaps overlooked) legacy of all: The E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex.

This set of port-a-potties only graces us with its presence once a year… yes, you guessed it: Spring Weekend. So what better a time to commemorate its fifth anniversary! The keepers of the E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex are throwing a pizza party to celebrate this exciting occasion. Check them out on Twitter (@EGGeeLC) for updates.

Who was E.Gordon Gee and how did he get his name plastered across the face of portable toilets? Find out after the jump. Continue Reading

Got into Brown? Thank your preschool!

According to a Manhattan mother, the time to start preparing for your shot at the Ivy League is well before freshman year of high school. Apparently we should seriously consider preschool education in the quest for admission to a top-ranked college.

The mother, Nicole Imprescia, is suing York Avenue Preschool for destroying her daughter’s shot at admission to a private school in the city, along with an Ivy League education. She claims that the school was putting her daughter in classes with younger students, putting her at a disadvantage compared to the other four-year-olds of the world. If Imprescia wins, York will have to refund her for the $19,000 she paid in tuition. Yes, you read it right: $19,000.

The lesson?  Make sure you thank your parents for putting you in the right preschool when you were four.  Who knows?   If they had made a different decision, you might not have even made it into Brown!  Or maybe that’s just what one overly-concerned helicopter parent wants us to believe…

Froyoworld: Coming soon to Thayer St!

Many of you may have noticed this sign in the window of the vacant store between the Metro-Mart and Better Burger Co, and its true… Thayer St’s newest addition will be Froyoworld!

Originating in San Francisco, California, this self-serve frozen yogurt lounge is looking to make a name for itself on the East Coast! There are a variety of different flavors to choose from, along with up to 45 different toppings ranging from sugary sweets and cereals to nuts and fruits.

Tentatively, Froyoworld is looking to have a soft opening in the first week of April and do a big grand opening in the first week of May. At their grand opening, they will be giving out free t-shirts with every purchase (while supplies last)!  Stay tuned for more updates as the semester progresses.

Time-waster of the day: February 25, 2011

Remember Snake? … that game that served as an addiciting predecessor to Brickbreaker on most cellphones and gaming devices?  Well, these college students took the game to a whole new level… and made a light show from their dorm building.

Digging for meaning in “Avatar”

For those of you that missed it, the Archaeology Dept. here at Brown hosted a movie night  this past Monday featuring a screening of the blockbuster sci-fi thriller Avatar. Following the movie was a panel of commentators from the department to talk about the controversies and parallels that arose after Avatar hit the theater. How Avatar exactly connects with the study of archaeology is still up for debate… but the movie  was chosen by popular vote! Regardless, read up on what the panelists came up with after the jump. Continue Reading

When snow turns to slush…

New York Times

We’re sure you’ve come across some strange articles in your lifetime that make you seriously wonder… WTF?! However, it’s pretty rare that these articles come straight out of the highly acclaimed New York Times.

On December 30th, 2010 one journalist must have had a pretty bad day. Either that, or someone tampered with his morning coffee.  Whatever it was, it helped him produce a rather interesting and questionable article about the slush that continues to plague Manhattan this winter. I think that’s something that we inhabitants of Providence can definitely relate to.

“The snowman’s cheery gaze turned to one of grave alarm, for slush is to him what zombies are to man. Relentless, undead.” This is just one of the many bizarre passages of Michael Wilson’s piece.  Check it out… it’s bound to make you question if that day’s NY Times editor took a little snooze on the job.