A Thousand Words: Brown Band carolling and hot chocolate

The Brown Marching Brown outside Perkins carolling and handing out free hot chocolate!

Blog on Pubs: The RIB

Heard of The RIB? If you haven’t heard of it before, you have now — and you’ll no doubt hear more about these girls in the future as they make waves in the world of comedy. Started earlier this year, The RIB was created by a handful of girls who decided one spring morning that Brown needed a female comedy group. Their blog, which launched this summer “after the girls had synchronized all of their cycles and participated in exactly 17 semi-nude pillow fights,” is regularly updated with diverse content ranging from humorous musings on men and periods to anguished pleas for men to “nut up” and talk to their crushes. You don’t have to be a GNSS concentrator or an avid Sexction reader to get lost in this wondrous world of female comedy (perfect study break for finals?).

BlogDailyHerald tracked down three writers for The RIB, Samantha Williams ’12, Emily Spinner ’14 and Maria Luisa Acabado ’13, in order to learn more about the pub and the women behind it. Continue Reading

Phonatic closing after Christmas

Phonatic, the Vietnamese restaurant right opposite the bookstore on Angell Street, will close after this Christmas when its five year lease ends. The decision to not renew the lease of the popular eatery comes after weeks of painful deliberation by its owner and after years of struggling to survive. Continue Reading

New food truck spotted outside Granoff

Little Billy’s, a new food truck, has been spotted parked outside Granoff on Angell Street this afternoon. The food truck is operated by Billy’s, a restaurant in Barrington, RI and is the recipient of the 2009 RI Monthly “Best New Neighborhood Restaurant“. Run by a group of family and friends, the restaurant prides itself on its classic American menu. The truck serves Pulled Pork Sandwiches ($5), Philly Cheese Steaks ($6), Caprese Grilled Cheese ($5), Cheese Burgers ($6), Fries ($3) and Hashbrowns ($2).

Hopefully, we’ll see more of Little Billy’s in the coming days, as it adds even more diversity to College Hill’s vibrant food truck scene.

Beyond the Classroom: Environmental Health and Safety training

Before attempting BlogDH suggested shortcuts, a crash course in fall protection is needed.

Anyone who’s ever worked in a University lab has had to sit through Brown’s Environmental Health and Safety mandatory training workshops. While the skills learned at these classes are undoubtedly things you’d want to know when handling E. Coli samples or highly reactive metals, we at BlogDH feel that Brown students, in the spirit of the not-so-New Curriculum, should be able to apply these lessons outside of the classroom.

And so, BlogDH has gone through the variety of EHS course offerings and found the ones that might interest our readers:

1. Hazardous Waste Training and Biosafety Training is required of all individuals who come in contact with chemicals or bodily fluids in their line of work. While the chemistry going on between you and your partner(s) at SPG may not be dangerous per se, party managers who deal with the clean-up afterward may find these two courses helpful when they’re picking up the latex waste party-goers leave behind with latex gloves.

2. Fall Protection Training  teaches the life-saving skills necessary for workers whose jobs entail moving around at heights greater than 6 feet. This will especially in handy when attempting Epic Shortcut #3. Continue Reading

It’s time to fall back

It’s that time of the year again, when bewildered students wake up to find that time has gone back an hour. As of 2:00 a.m. November 6, 2011, most people on the Northern Hemisphere witnessed their clocks jump back to 1:00 am.

The idea of Daylight Savings Time, conceived by Benjamin Franklin, has been a topic of much controversy. While we may not have Fall or the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful New England foliage this year, Brown students can at least enjoy an extra hour of sleep as they recover from a night of intense scrabbling. Facilities, on the other hand, will have the painful task of adjusting the clock on Carrie Tower.