Confessions of a Panamaniac

Spring Break, woo!

Spring Break, woo!

“Out here in the fields,
I fight for my meals.”
– The Who, Baba O’Riley

Whoosh!  High tide shattered the shores of Panama City, Florida, retreating back into the ocean like a fickle woman. As I breathed in the sights and sounds of the wasteland affectionately known by the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens as “The PCB,” I wondered out loud to my compatriots – How did we end up here?

It was our spring break and we were just looking for fast kicks and a rip-roaring time. We were seniors, after all, on deck to launch headfirst into the real world. This trip was more than a superficial jaunt; indeed, it was an epitaph to the adolescent experience.

“I feel cold,” said Adam, the runt of our group. It appeared we had been sold on Panama City under false pretenses –not knowing the temperature would stay tepid at best. The pools too chilly to prove inviting, the wind gusts blowing sand into our eyes as we squinted helplessly for the path ahead. In such a climate as this, there was only one thing left for us to do.

For our beers, it was always Wal-Mart. I saw the mammoth structure as a landmark of a bankrupt culture, a consumerist nightmare pulled straight from Philip K. Dick. According to lore, this particular Wal-Mart had outsold all others in alcohol sales over the previous three years. The place was, simply put, a madhouse …

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BlogDailyHerald predicts The 2013 Oscars

RISD, bitch.

This Sunday, RISD alum Seth MacFarlane will take the mic to host the 85th Academy Awards (7 p.m., ABC). It’s been a solid year for film, with nine incredibly diverse Best Picture nominees vying for a place in the Oscar pantheon.

Before we get into our predictions, we’d be remiss not to mention just how surprising the nominations were. There were audible gasps from the journalists at the live-streamed announcement ceremony in January when both Best Director frontrunners (Argo‘s Ben Affleck and Zero Dark Thirty‘s Kathryn Bigelow) were passed over for nominations, leaving us to wonder: Can Argo pull off the win everyone expects without Affleck on the roster? The Director category is a historical determining factor for Best Picture, given:

  • About three-fourths of all Picture winners also win Director, and
  • A mere three films ever have scored Picture without a nom for Director. And it’s only happened once (1989’s Driving Miss Daisy) in the last eighty years. Good luck defying those odds, Argo.


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The Netflix Files dissects the Air Bud Legacy

Good news. This week, Disney struck an exclusive deal with Netflix to stream its catalog via Watch Instantly.

Touchdown for Netflix!

While theatrical releases won’t start cropping up on Netflix till around 2016 (!), yesterday Disney decided to make available some scraps of kiddie nostalgia just in time for finals period. Netflix is now officially the proud streamer of Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, The Aristocats, The Fox and the Hound, The Great Mouse Detective and Pocahontas. Exponentially more enticing, the deal also includes rights to marginal Disney entities like The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and The Muppet Movie.

The most important revelation of all: some of the direct-to-DVD Air Bud movies are now on Watch Instantly. And because BlogDailyHerald truly doesn’t give a fuck, here’s exactly what you need to know about your favorite athletic Golden Retriever Buddy (and his miraculous English-speaking progeny!), FILM-BY-FILM. Continue Reading

The 10 best rainy-day episodes of The O.C. to watch during Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)

As you gather your provisions for the looming Hurricane Sandy, you may find yourself searching for that perfect under-the-covers activity to pass the time. Look no further. We’ve decided to completely re-envision your most irritating Halloweek inconvenience this side of group costumes and blizzards — with a no-holds-barred marathon of the teen soap that convinced you to apply to Brown in the first place.

Welcome to The O.C., bitch.

These are BlogDailyHerald’s top ten episodes of The O.C. accompanied by the musical moments that made them so damned unforgettable, after the jump.

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My day at the Faire

To start, let me just explain that I never, ever, ever intended to go to King Richard’s Faire.

These mother@#$%ers have been haunting my nightmares since fall 2009.

Flash back to two weeks earlier, when I was in the midst of prepping an excursion to WaterFire. As a senior I’d still never been, cementing it at the top of my bucket list. This was the last scheduled event of the year. I’d driven downtown, lingered at the mall for a few hours, and upon exiting Looper, I fell subject to the rain that would shut out my hopes of ever actually witnessing the impossible balance between fire and water.

My friends couldn’t understand why I was so upset. As past attendees, they’d assured me it was nothing special, and that the seminal 2009 Brown Noser article “WaterFire” “Enthralls” “Audience” was apropos. But I wasn’t convinced.

So when I was asked if I’d have any interest in checking out King Richard’s Faire, I immediately said yes. There was something instinctive about it. The opportunity was just so out of the ordinary, a complete departure from that comfortable routine I’ve fallen into as a fourth-year Brown student. I’m not sure if I wanted to do it, but I knew I had to. Who knows, maybe I could even find a nice wench maiden to bring home to Mom and Dad.

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WTF is happening on Hollywood Boulevard?

Our first thought, and yours: Was Brown’s former dean and erstwhile free-speech advocate Alexander Meiklejohn moonlighting as an obscure mononymous silent film star?

No he wasn’t, but apparently William Meiklejohn (1903-1981), also known as “The Starmaker,” was a renowned talent agent who represented Lucille Ball, Nat King Cole and Judy Garland. Today he is best remembered for discovering a young Ronald Reagan. As far as Wikipedia knows, he bore no relation to the Brown guy. His first name didn’t make it onto the star because he inexplicably had to share the honor with brother Campbell Meiklejohn, who managed the Grauman’s Egyptian Theater.

The Dean and The Starmaker, a side-by-side comparison.

If you dare venture down the cavalcade of blood, grime and tears that is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you can find the Meiklejohn star at 1777 Vine, between Hollywood and Yucca.

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