How to be a Real Person: Before you sign the lease

This house's perk: Cozy, cozy, cozy.

Spoiler alert: This is a lot what it’s like.

Becoming an adult means, eventually, living on your own. And no, we don’t mean simply living without parents in a dorm on campus. With Brown Facilities and campus eateries at your disposal, dorm-style living doesn’t exactly constitute an independent lifestyle. So, for those of us with off-campus permission, we bring you How to be a Real Person: bits and pieces of wisdom we’ve picked up on our meandering journey to competent adulthood.

At first, living off-campus seems great. You avoid dealing with the housing lottery’s many changes and delight in the seemingly endless housing choices provided by the Providence real estate market. But then you start calling a few landlords and you realize that if you thought the housing lottery was like The Hunger Games, trying to secure a legit house with your friends can be like trying to buy an extra Spring Weekend ticket.

Most people agree that you have to start looking for an off-campus house about a year in advance. But rumor has it that Brunonians are looking even earlier now. By “rumor,” I mean sophomores are constantly looking at my house to a sign a lease for two years from now.

When a Providence landlord shows you a house, you usually look through a few rooms, explore the common space, and peek into the bathrooms — and then the landlord tells you that three other groups are thinking about the house so you’d better think fast and sign the lease. This fast turnover leaves little time to weigh the pros and cons of each house you explore. What ends up happening is that two years later, you move into your house with your friends and you realize that, as fun as it is to play house [Ed.: really fun], there were a few things you didn’t think about in your scramble to lock down the house. To make that transition as simple and tidy as possible, consider these tips before you move in…

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UPDATE: Vote in Salomon if you’re registered with an on-campus address

UPDATE: If you are not registered in Rhode Island and are looking to register today, you cannot do so in Salomon. You must go down to the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center and vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates there. A previous version of this post said that you can register in Salomon if you had yet not registered in the state.

For most Brown undergraduates, today marks the first time we can vote in a presidential election. In case you missed voter registration for your home state, Rhode Island allows eligible voters to cast their ballots on election day for presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Any Brown student who has registered in the state of Rhode Island with his/her on-campus address (69 Brown Street, Box ####) before the deadline can vote in Salomon today. Bring either a government-issued or school ID.

If you are not registered and are hoping to register today to vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates, you must go down to the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center.

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How to do Halloween in a hurricane

Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) will not prevent our Halloween festivities from taking place; it may just mix them a little wet. Every cloud (including huge, scary ones) has a silver lining. Use the rain to your advantage to come up with some aquatic Halloween costumes. Consider the following five ideas as you trek through the Frankenstorm:

1) A rubber duck is a completely waterproof costume. Stay dry by wearing yellow or orange rain boots and a yellow poncho. If you’re feeling really creative, you can make bubbles by attaching clear balloons to your costume so that you’re a floating rubber duck.

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Weather you like it or not: Your Hurricane Sandy update

Hurricane Sandy is raining on something worse than a parade: Halloweek.

After attempts to downplay the University’s email alert and incessant nagging from our parents that we buy a flashlight, we may have to come to terms with Frankenstorm.

“What we don’t want is for people to think that because the storm is hitting New Jersey, we are safe [in Rhode Island]. That’s just not true,” said Bill Simmons, a spokesperson for The National Weather Service, in an article in The Providence Journal.

Starting Sunday evening, Rhode Island will be hit with a 10- to 12-hour period of strong winds, and rainfall is predicted at around one or two inches, according to Simmons. Flooding is also likely because the storm will knock the leaves off of trees, causing drainage problems. I bet you’re no longer thinking that fall in New England and colorful leaves are that awesome.

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But seriously, when is Halloweekend?

What a warm, nutmeg-filled burden we bear

When is Halloweekend?

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With the 31st falling on a Wednesday this year, all of Brunonia is confused as to which set of days truly counts as Halloweekend. We’re already having our heads split in two by midterms, so the last thing we need to worry about is which Friday night will be the Friday night we break out our set of prosthetic feet and ears and become the first hobbit to do kegstands on top of the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Can’t decide on a weekend to live large?  Friends, we must resolve this issue. Before you let us know when you think Halloween should be, let’s open it up for discussion.

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Navigating Family Weekend

If you haven’t noticed the masses of parents all over campus, you should know that today marks the beginning of Brown’s Annual Family Weekend. Whether your parents are flying across the country or just driving to College Hill, they’re very eager to see you. And, unlike when a friend visits on Spring Weekend, you need to actually plan what you’re going to do with your visitors for every second of these two days.

If your parents are driving here, don’t underestimate the speed at which they will arrive, like I did my freshman year. You don’t want to wake up to a “we’ll be outside your dorm in five minutes” text Saturday morning, unless of course one of your planned activities is having your family watch you swiffer your floor.

Instead of repeating my mistake, impress your family by having activities planned for the weekend. Check out some ways to maximize family time and keep your parents and siblings entertained during their visit to Brunonia after the jump.

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