This week in The Herald: Shaping the presidency

This week, as the campus prepares for the upcoming inauguration of President Christina Paxson, The Herald is publishing a three-part series, “Shaping the Presidency,” examining the role of the presidency through almost 250 years and 18 previous presidential tenures. These stories take a look at the evolution of the University’s top leadership post and the mantle Paxson has inherited.

As leadership transitions to the Paxson administration and focus shifts to the programs she will put forth, questions regarding the role of a modern-day University president gain salience. What started as supervision of the day-to-day facets of the workings of the school has transitioned to a position of great power in fundraising, framing the direction of the University’s vision, and impacting higher education at as a whole.

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The Herald reveals its redesign

The Herald worked with both professional and student designers to create its new design. Our goal is to make the paper easier to read while also updating its look. Comment below, write us a letter or tweet @the_herald to let us know what you think!
  1. We created a new flag to modernize the look of our front page and display clearer, sharper Van Wickle Gates.
  2. We reduced our font by one point so that we can fit more photos and more graphics, and to allow us to space out our stories better. You get more content and more visuals with the same number of pages!
  3. We’ve moved our “Inside” section above the fold so you can see more of our stories right away.
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Scavenger Hunt: The Herald’s new look

Over the summer, The Herald’s design got a makeover, and it’s now more attractive and reader-friendly than ever! We’ve made 10 major changes (not including font alterations). Can you find them all? Check back later for a full description of The Herald’s design changes.