Music for studying: A review of ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack


Finals suck, but The Great Gatsby soundtrack doesn’t. In the midst of this stressful time, music is always a great thing to turn to. So instead of flipping the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel for your English final, take a listen to The Great Gatsby album instead.

Our thoughts on this new soundtrack? It’s pretty damn awesome and drenched in pleasurable sounds. Using jazz and instrumentals, each track commingles two different eras, creating unique and modern notes that resonate within the twenties. Did F. Scott Fitzgerald ever imagine this would happen?

Who knows? But it did – and we like it. Check out our breakdown of each track after the jump. Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Dirty Projectors

dirty projectors

Dirty Projectors is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York that combines eclectic melodies and multi-range vocals to create “experimental rock you can still dance to.” Made up of the talented David Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin, Olga Bell, and Michael Johnson, the band has produced seven full-length albums in the last 10 years. Its music weaves diverse vocal melodies with intricate guitar-work and obscure lyrics, creating a sound that will simultaneously surprise and intrigue you. The lyrics are often so incomprehensible, that even we, Dirty Projectors fans of many years, often find ourselves belting along in garbled verse. But sing along — after all, there is no such thing as shame on Spring Weekend.

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Deconstructing the Pembroke Seal: A Monologue

(BlogDH) Scarlet Letter

They all step around it. Over it. Next to it. Jump. Skip. Hop. Walk. But never on it. It’s like it holds some sort of curse. But in reality, it is a piece of stone. Stone — that hard stuff. Stone, the stuff that when dropped from heights doesn’t break into millions of pieces, rather thuds to the ground- making a loud, cracking noise. Kind of like thunder, except not thunder. All this stone says is the name of our school — Brown University. Nothing more. But it has been given much greater meaning. At least that’s how it seems.

Because as I watch people walk down the eight steps that lead from one piece of walkway to the next, they all seem to stray away from this piece of stone. This flat, hard, carved surface. It repels them away. Like magnets. But the opposite. It seems to say, “Hey you…don’t step on me. I’ll fuck you up.” But obviously it’s not saying that…well, because it’s a piece of stone. What if it doesn’t understand why people are so scared of it? What if at night when the weather turns from humid, to slightly chilly, it sweats out tears of sadness? I guess it isn’t possible to bestow so much meaning upon this piece of stone. After all, it’s just a stone. But other people seem to do it. Other people seem to think it possesses some sort of quality, that when stepped on, will ruin their lives forever. If you can give so much meaning to a thing like this, can you give meaning to a leaf? To a shred of grass? A lump of dirt? Continue Reading

What Should You Do? Dorm room disasters edition


I was a terribly anxious teenager, exacerbated by the fact that my parents let me watch Leeza Gibbon’s show What Should You Do? every Saturday morning. I recorded all aired episodes, playing one after the other as I came out of sleep. I awoke to the credits of What Should You Do? and was scared out of my slumber with shocking, real life events. A gun in your face — what should you do? You lose control of your car and plunge into a river, you get kidnapped and locked in a trunk, you are caught in an avalanche and buried alive, a burglar enters your house in the middle of the night — what should you do? Leeza Gibbons, with her perfectly coiffed blonde hair, prepared me for every harrowing moment imaginable…but never did she prepare me for what occurred last Saturday night. You make a frothy smoothie in the blender, it tips over, breaks into pieces, and it splatters everywhere. Your friend’s hand drips with blood. There is now a Jackson Pollock on your floor — what should you do? Lick it up. Naturally.

While the likelihood of a smoothie spilling in your room is…unlikely, the likelihood of your roommate sleepwalking and peeing on your chair, or your suitemate vomiting in the shower after a night of drinking is very possible. Yes, it happens.

Let’s take this time to prepare, because at any minute disaster could strike and you probably don’t want to have to use your bedside rug as a mop, or a paper bag as a dustpan. While alternative modes of cleanup work, it’s quite sad when you find yourself scooping up shards of glass with the cardboard tube of a paper towel roll. You’re correct in assuming that it doesn’t work so well.

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Say goodbye to the Harlem Shake

Red Bull has officially declared that the Harlem Shake is dead. We know, we know, this cultural sensation was sooo two weeks ago, but why not throw a send-off party for this phenomenon before it’s officially put to rest? Let’s take this time to highlight some of the Harlem Shake’s more memorable moments on Brown’s campus. When the day comes and your kids say to you, “Mom, Dad, what’s the Harlem Shake?” you can turn to Blog, open up this post, and say, “Kids, this was the Harlem Shake.” Let the videos speak for themselves.

Once the movement began infecting our seven continent planet, it, of course, made its way to Brown, inspiring some of our very own to create and post videos to YouTube. Here are a few videos that’ll give you a taste of what went on around the Brown campus in the last few weeks (after the jump).

The Jabberwocks of Brown University edition:

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Explicitly Explicit: A Valentine’s Day playlist

When it comes to love, Trey Songz, D’Angelo, and Robin Thicke seem to have all the answers. If you’re at a loss for words this Valentine’s Day, why not let music do the talking for you and turn to those who have more experience under their belts (if you know what I mean)? After all, what’s better than some sweet tunes to set the mood and let your special someone know what’s up? Here are some songs that may help you on your way…you’ll be sure to get your point across.

And if you’re feeling sad on this day of love, I have two words for you: “Single Ladies.”  Or try some of the songs at the bottom of the playlist, beginning with Trey Songz’ “Can’t Be Friends,” and remember that you are not alone.