Aaaand we’re back. Night Two at the Housing Lottery and you know what that means: a whole lotta people are going to get screwed. Last week we saw numbers 1-460 take their picks, some to cheers, some to jeers. Tonight we finish ’em out. If you’re tuning in from home, watch it all play out here. So cross your fingers, grab a drink and hang tight, because starting at 6 p.m., things are going to get really exciting.

Congressional Brown U. Caucus stuck at one

So much for any hope of having two Brown alums in Congress now that Providence Mayor David Cicilline ’83 is headed to Washington. Rep. Dan Maffei ’90 has conceded in his upstate New York race, trailing by 567 votes.

Better know Maffei ’90

Rep. Dan Maffei ’90, D-N.Y., is struggling to hold on to his seat, with recent counts of Tuesday’s ballots showing him behind his opponent by 659 votes. As Maffei waits for 9,000 absentee ballots to be counted, it might be time to better get to know “Star Trek” geek Maffei, as Stephen Colbert did last year. When David Cicilline ’83 joins (replaces?) Maffei in the House Brown University Caucus, maybe he’ll follow in Maffei’s footsteps — and avoid talking about NAMBLA.

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Caprio to Obama: ‘Shove it’

State Treasurer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio told President Obama to “shove it” after hearing that Obama was coming to Rhode Island without an endorsement for him. The Associated Press notes that Obama might be staying out of the R.I. endorsement business because of key support in his 2008 election from independent Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14, a former GOP senator. Caprio probably can’t be too happy either that a new Rasmussen poll shows Chafee up seven points, giving Nate Silver’s computer reason to change its mind and declare Chafee a light favorite. Or maybe the prez is still salty that hoops buddy and R.I. Attorney General Patrick Lynch ’87 is not on the ballot.

When candidate Obama was in Li'l Rhody in 2008, only half of the Democratic Party was against him. Rahul Keerthi / Herald File Photo

Banner FAIL of the day

It’s a slow news day, but you can always count on Banner to provide some entertainment. Updating your address for the summer? You have lots of flexibility—like having your mail sent back to the 1980s.

Wait, maybe The Simpsons was on to something.

Thanks, DPS

Presumably aboard a T3 Motion Scooter, Brown DPS just sent an e-mail this afternoon to the campus about safety during reading period/finals. While I know they’re just trying to be helpful, I can’t help but think that some of their advice will be misconstrued:

Trust your instincts.
If your head says no, but your body says yes, just go with it.

Pay attention to your surroundings.
If you’re walking to the V-Dub, don’t forget to stop at Spiritus on the way.

Stay in populated, well-lit areas.
Raves are good.  Libraries, not so much.

There is safety in numbers.
If somebody else is doing something, it’s OK. Remember, it’s not illegal if an entire posse is violating the law.