Waitlisted at Brown, quadruplets choose Yale

The famous Connecticut quadruplets who were accepted early into Yale indeed will all become bulldogs, the students confirmed.  We definitely don’t want Yale to start shit or even more shit, so there’s no reason to speculate as to why all four got waitlisted at Brown (or accepted/rejected from other places).  As much as one Eli might want, there is no Brown-Yale rivalry.

For the sake of our print budget, I’m just relieved that The Herald won’t have to write about any parents who are P’14 P’14 P’14 P’14.

(Main) Green

I don’t know what was happening on the Main Green, but my glaucoma sure feels better. Har har.

In all seriousness, the 4:20 p.m. 4/20 celebration was just broken up after at least 18 minutes of partly cloudy skies. Several officers of the BroPo were hanging around with some U. officials, apparently forgetful of why they were there in the first place. One BroPo officer took pictures of groups of students who were engaged in what he told the blog was “criminal activity.” Why was he taking pictures? He wouldn’t elaborate. What did he do when he was done? I assume he downloaded this iPhone app. After the jump, pictures (but not of anybody doing the deed).

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Peter Green Lectures on the Modern Middle East: Anthony Shadid

Location: MacMillan Hall 117

Anthony Shadid, New York Times writer and 2004 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for International Writing will offer remarks on “Stones Without People: Loss and nostalgia in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Middle East.”


Ted Turner ’60 never technically graduated from Brown, but the billionaire mogul is cool with it. According to Turner, he’s OK with having had financial trouble end his tenure at the University. In a Wall Street Journal article yesterday, he boasted, “I did everything I did without a college degree. … You can be successful without it.” While that may be true, he also was expelled from Brown after he was caught living with his girlfriend. Scandalous.

He didn’t need no Brown BA to recently take about 100 bison from Yellowstone Park. I guess he didn’t hear that Brunonians no longer use wild animals as mascots anymore.

The Ivy ‘Madness’ continues

Remember 1979? With No. 12 Cornell’s upset victory today over No. 5 Temple in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, an Ivy League team has a shot to go past the second round for the first time in 31 years.  In that year’s tournament, Penn made it all the way to the Final Four after a huge second-round upset of Dean Smith’s No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels. Still, eventual winner Michigan State—who had some guy named Earvin “Magic” Johnson—smoked Penn in the Final Four by 34 points. Since then, five Ivies have made it to the second round only to bow out. The Big Red will have a chance to avoid that fate on Sunday against the winner of the Wisconsin-Wofford game.

UPDATE: Wofford fell just short against UWisc. Looks like there will be a lot of red at the Cornell game.

It’s Madness

Just as Joe Lunardi sort of predicted, Cornell wound up with a No. 12 seed in the East Region of the men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. The Ivy champs (27-4 overall, 13-1 Ivy League) will face No. 17 Temple (29-5, 14-2 Atlantic 10), the fifth seed, in Jacksonville on Friday. For the third year in a row, Cornell is repping the Ancient Eight. The last time an Ivy wound up winning a first-round game, though? 1998, when Princeton made it all the way to the second round. Still, the Big Red have a better chance of winning than any local team—since URI is heading to the National Invitation Tournament. At least Brown might kinda make some money out of this.