Yikes…: Yale edition

After pledges to a Yale fraternity chanted “No means yes, yes means anal” as part of an initiation ritual two weeks ago, women’s organizations and commentators have called upon Yale to reassess its commitment to women’s rights on campus.

An op-ed in Slate decried the “flippant” response from the Yale Daily News, citing an editorial in the student newspaper on Oct. 18 that described the Yale Women’s Center’s response to the event as “initial overreaction” and “histrionics.” The Huffington Post has also reported on the controversy, and at least three online petitions urge Yale administrators to take further action against the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Crisis at the V-Dub?

Diners at the V-Dub today will quickly notice that the normal, reusable tableware has been temporarily replaced by disposable dishes. The dishwasher is on the fritz, according to signs up in the dining room, leaving Brown diners with no choice but paper plates.

Bates party takes bloody turn

Students at Bates, the liberal arts college in a quiet town in Maine, got excessively rowdy at a party last night, according to the Sun Journal.

Police were called in from neighboring districts, and several people were taken away in ambulances.

Let’s hope Campus Dance doesn’t end with quite this much excitement.

Q&A with Mustafa Barghouti

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Mustafa Barghouti will speak Thursday night at 7 pm in Barus and Holley 168. The Palestinian medical doctor and peace advocate came in second to Mahmoud Abbas in the 2005 elections for president of the Palestinian National Authority. On Wednesday evening, he spoke to The Brown Daily Herald.

The Herald: What will you be discussing in your talk?

Barghouti: First of all, I will make introduction to the situation in Palestine because I think people know very little about it, because the media here does not show much and I think there is a need to tell the narrative about the situation. And then I will speak about the rise in the power of non-violent struggle, and the importance of non-violence. Maybe I will speak about what others can learn from Palestinian struggle as well.

What do you say to Palestinians who feel so disenfranchised that they see violent uprisings as their only remaining option to protest Israeli occupation?

What is not very well known is that in most of the time — I cannot give a percentage — but if I might, I would say maybe more than 90 percent of the time of our history — in the last century — our struggle was non-violent. The problem is that the media does not show that. When there is something violent, they emphasize it. Continue Reading

Rooster lays eggs, giving no answers to age-old questions

In a bizarre piece of barnyard news, an Italian rooster has completely re-identified as a female hen, and has begun laying eggs. Gianni the chicken will undergo laboratory tests in Naples, as researches want to know what combination of genes has allowed him to so aptly jump the sexual divide.

Free iPads and MacBooks at Seton Hill U.

Seton Hill University, a small Catholic school in Pennsylvania, has promised to give out free MacBooks and iPads to all of its 2,000 students this fall.

We’re still waiting for a similar announcement from Brown. Though, to be honest, we don’t really want an e-reader with a name that sounds like a frighteningly high-tech feminine product.