PollerBears: What do you want the Brunonian sandwich to look like?


After weeks of deliberation and many truly tasty-sounding suggestions (and one that included bald eagle meat… weird), we are proud to bring to you the finalists for the new Brunonian sandwich at Geoff’s. What will its ingredients be? It’s up to you.

What do you want the Brunonian sandwich to look like?

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Peter Simpson ’14 always wanted to know what was happening around Brown’s campus but never felt satisfied with the resources available. “Morning Mail was really hard to read through and took a lot of time,” says Peter. “I wanted a Morning Mail that really had the stuff I cared about. I wanted to know about archeology, computer science, and entrepreneurship.” So he came up with the idea for a website and mobile application that informs students about what’s going on around campus in a more effective way, and he found his software engineer and partner in Joe Stein ’16.

Peter describes Ventfull as a “tailored Morning Mail” that makes everything easier for students. Unlike Brown’s nightly email, where one has to jump through a couple of hoops to create a post, anyone can submit an event to be included in Ventfull. These events are categorized into six groups (social, organization, performance, sports, academic, and free food), which are also then subcategorized. New users are asked about their interests when they sign in for the first time, and then an email is sent to them with only relevant information about what’s going on at Brown. Even more, Ventfull gives its users the freedom to choose how often this email is sent out, whether it’s every single day or maybe twice a week. Ventfull allows for a great deal of social engagement, as events can be exported to both Facebook and Google Calendar. There is also a voting system like on Reddit, where posts are ranked higher when they receive a greater number of approving votes.

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SPONSORED: Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches is adding a new Brunonian flavor

With over 85 sandwiches on its famous chalkboard menu, Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches has been a College Hill staple for over 40 years. “People keep coming back,” says Julio Fonseca, the owner of the shop. “We get graduates who have not been here for 30 years. They say they love how everything is the same and that they can still order their favorite sandwich.” Julio, a native of Portugal, bought the sandwich shop from Geoff himself seventeen years ago.

While Julio wanted to stay true to Geoff’s creation, a few changes have been made such as the now famous 2 for 1 Tuesdays. What has not changed are the delicious sandwiches. “We have PhDs in sandwich making,” says the shop’s manager, John Reinhardt. When customers have trouble deciding which of the many options to order, employees usually point them in the direction of the eatery’s most popular menu item: The Juggs. This delicious sandwich includes hot turkey, bacon, cheddar, cranberry, and Shedd’s sauce, all on a superlative roll. “You don’t have these combinations at home,” says Julio. “When you come to Geoff’s, you get a sandwich you can’t get anywhere else.”

Each sandwich also has its own creative name, with some named after famous politicians, bands, and Rhode Island natives. As a side to the sandwich, Geoff’s is known for its white bucket of all-you-can-eat pickles situated in the middle of the room. Students also might see more of Geoff’s in the near future. Julio has thought about re-opening a Thayer Street location or potentially creating a food truck. Geoff’s used to be on Thayer a few years back, but it was forced out when a new owner purchased the building it occupied. Julio and John say that Brown students are their best customers and that they have loved meeting new students as the years have gone by.

Now Julio wants to make an exciting addition to this established eatery: add a sandwich called The Brunonian. In his mind, the sandwich would be modeled after the Brown Bear and include salmon, hot spinach, cranberry, and other tasty ingredients. Julio wants to hold a contest, however, and have the students decide on the contents of the sandwich.

Please send submissions of anything from your favorite homemade sandwich to a creative combination you thought up just for The Brunonian to blog@browndailyherald.com, and look out for a poll on Blog with the top sandwiches in the near future!

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Our trip to Butter Day Spa, Part 2


Last week, we gave you a taste of our experience at Butter Day Spa, located at 255 Hope Street (right by the OMAC!). We wrote about the beautiful blooming tea ceremony and the 5-Flowers Facial, which were both parts of the Bali Retreat. One writer got to indulge in the include the Bali Body Treatment, while another enjoyed the Spa-Chi Body Therapy Session.

The Bali Body Treatment was exactly was the doctor ordered for the stressed-out student who had the opportunity to enjoy it. Sixty minutes long, the hands-on massage incorporated beautiful-smelling Cinq Mondes Balinese balms and mists. It’s a proprietary treatment, created by the staff at Butter Day Spa; as such, you know they’ve crafted an experience designed to make you relax. A key part of the Bali Body Treatment was the 5-Flowers Cleansing Water, which was sprayed on the legs, arms, and back at various points of the treatment (it was super refreshing and felt like raindrops). This is followed by the use of the Flowers Cleansing Balm—its silky texture is supplemented by kneading that helps to break through though those knots. The treatment includes kneading of the back, shoulders, and legs, as well as a foot massage (!) at the end, which was a delight. The beautiful smells of the balms and the oils contributed to a beautiful sensory experience overall. The stressed-out writer left her session feeling refreshed, well-rested, and de-stressed. Continue Reading


Our trip to Butter Day Spa, Part 1


Housed in a yellow colonial just a stone’s throw away from campus, Butter Day Spa is most definitely an escape from the papers, exams, and meetings back on campus. In the peak of midterm season, three stressed bloggers made a trip to Butter to see if it could effectively relax even the most stressed-out students. Butter had no easy task, but with its extraordinary treatments, ambience, and incredible deals for college students (more on this later), it certainly passed with flying colors. And we really want to go back again.

The second we walked through the spa’s large doors, we instantly became relaxed: the aromas were incredibly soothing, and the Victorian interior design transported us back to 19th-century England. The waiting room is filled with Victorian-era furniture, including big, comfy couches. We couldn’t help but notice its display of Cinq Mondes products on the wall behind us. We learned that Cinq Mondes is a world-renowned French spa products company, and Butter is one of the few spas in the US that carries its lines. Butter frequently rotates through Cinq Mondes collections, and integrates Cinq Mondes products into its unique treatments. One such package is its Bali Retreat, a holistic spa experience built on sensorial rituals that help people de-stress.

The first part of the Bali Retreat: a nice, hot cup of white tea. Before we began our respective treatments, the staff treated us to its unique blooming tea ceremony, during which we watched beautiful, bundled white tea leaves from Teaposy bloom before our very eyes. Not only was our tea delicious, but the ceremony set the tone for the rest of our “retreat.” Continue Reading


Professor Gregory Mankiw is coming to campus to talk Economics

Yep, that’s the same Gregory Mankiw who wrote your Principles of Economics (ECON0110) textbook that you’ve come to know so well.In addition to calling attention to the regal character of his children’s names (Nicholas, Catherine, and Peter), Professor Friedberg probably informed you that he’s the chairman of the Economics department at Harvard. But did you know that he’s also the former Chief Economic Advisor to the Bush Administration? Or that he blogs?Obviously, the man(kiw) has a lot to say about economics—you’ve definitely gotten a taste of this through scouring the Principles textbook. But there’s a lot more where that came from.

Prof. Mankiw is coming to campus on Wednesday, November 13 to give a talk entitled ”The Long-Term Fiscal Problem: It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The event is sponsored by Brown Women in Business and will take place at 8 p.m. in Salomon 001. There will be time for a Q&A… and to enjoy free food from Meeting Street!

If you’re interested in hearing what this seasoned economist has to say about the economy, curious to see what the author of your Principles textbook looks like, or really into free Meeting Street sandwiches and cookies, you should definitely stop by to Salomon 001 on Wednesday night. Check out the Facebook event here.

This post is sponsored by Brown Women in Business.

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