Spring 2012 Course Superlatives: the sensational, the strange and the just plain silly

Now that we’ve all procrastinated this semester’s assignments by browsing next semester’s courses, it is my honor to present to you the MOST

…difficult readings to carry home from the bookstore
COLT1420Y: Gigantic Fictions

…incongruous pop music references
ENGL0201G: Killing them Softly: Satire and Stereotype in African-American Literature
AMCV0190E: It’s the End of the World as We Know It: Zombie and Apocalypse Narratives in American Pop Culture

…unintentionally sexual
ENGL0201DD: Feeling Queerly

…unnecessary quotation marks AND parenthesis
ENGL1190A: “The Arrangement of Words”: Liberating Fiction(s)

…likely to have emerged from the same DNA
ENGL2561C: Intellectuals and the Public Sphere
ENGL1140B: The Public Intellectual

AMCV0190C: American (Mass)culinities: Sexuality, Race and Aesthetics Continue Reading

Fall 2011 course superlatives

Once again, our faculty have turned out some curious course offerings for the Fall semester. Brown courses are often bemusing because of their creativity, but this time around, some demonstrate an impressive lack thereof. Exhibit A:

GNSS1960N: Theories and Politics of Sexual Consent
GNSS2010E: Pembroke Research Seminar: The Question of Consent

SOC0230: Sex, Gender, and Society
SOC1870S: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender

Identical twins (nope, not a typo)
SOC1010: Classical Sociological Theory
SOC2040: Classical Sociological Theory

COLT1210: Introduction to the Theory of Literature
COLT2650D: Theory of Comparative Literature
ENGL1900I: Critical Methodologies: Contemporary Literary Theory

ANTH1324: Money, Work, and Power: Culture and Economics
SOC1870L: They Myth of Markets: Exploring the Social Side of Economics
SOC0150: Economic Development and Social Change Continue Reading

OK Go, Neon Trees thrill Lupo’s concertgoers

OK Go (The one that went to Brown is on the right)

Rising pop-rock icon OK Go, cutting-edge eclectic foursome Neon Trees and Rhode Island-based BRU favorite Fairhaven opened the WBRU Dunkin’ Donuts Holiday BRU-haha at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on Friday.

The atmosphere was suspenseful — the merchandise desk was aggressively handing out 3D glasses in preparation for OK Go, whose performances are known to be (sometimes absurdly) experimental — as the opening act took the stage. Fairhaven demonstrated a standard indie rock aesthetic, broken up by a percussion-heavy interlude. At times, the self-described melodic alt rock band sounds slightly like a boy band, but subtly enough to be taken seriously. Lead singer Alan Connell’s voice has hints of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd in some numbers, such as the particularly infectious single “Worth it All.” The members are also gracious, taking time after the show to chat with fans before heading off with OK Go. Fairhaven’s potential has proven high enough catapult them out of their Cumberland, RI hometown. Continue Reading

What to do tonight: 11/6

Brown Chorus Presents: Rachmaninoff Vespers
8-9 pm
Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul (directions here)
free with Brown or RISD ID
The Vespers, also known as the “All-Night Vigil,” are based on chants from an ancient Russian Orthodox ceremony. Conductor Louis Frederick Jodry told The Herald that the chorus’s opening fall performance will give listeners “a little glimpse of the eternal” — something no enlightenment-seeker can afford to miss.

Brown United Against Infectious Diseases “Rent” screening and bake sale
6 pm
Salomon 001
“Rent” is one of those rare musicals that is just as good on film as on stage, and will appeal to non-theatergoers. It also shares perspectives on a problem that has recently peaked locally. Money from the bake sale will contribute to UAID’s trip to the Philippines for HIV/AIDS relief.

10 pm-2 am
King house (Hope & Benevolent)
$3 admission / $1 drinks
Party like it’s 2012 with live music by Ragnarock and DJ Spoletto. And no need to fret over the unicorn in the lounge. She’s friendly.

Or if you’d rather stay in and read (and perhaps recover from SPG) than party, that’s A-OK: The first Saturday of every November is Book Lovers Day.

What to do tonight: 11/5

Musical Forum presents “Nunsense”
8 pm, T.F. Green Hall, free
If you think nuns are not as lively as the rest of us, that’s pure nunsense. (Ha. Ha.) In this musical comedy, the nuns have as much fun as the audience, with their daring dance routines and silly songs. As director Mariagrazia LaFauci ’12 told The Herald, “Take off your Brown thinking cap and just have two hours of fun.” It’s not a sin. You can catch “Nunsense” at 8 p.m. Tonight, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and with an additional show at 11 p.m. tomorrow as well.

Brown Hockey Opening Weekend
7 pm, Meehan Auditorium, free
The weather is getting colder, but hibernation is not on Bruno’s agenda. The Bears are up and ready to take on the Bobcats of Quinnipiac in the season’s first game for men’s hockey. Women’s hockey will play Sacred Heart at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

Brown Contra and Folk Dance Society Dance
8 pm, Alumnae Hall, free
While others are next door at Andrews Hall celebrating the power of sex (and God?) with the sonic enhancement of DJs Hristo, Emre Ersolmaz and Lily, enjoy an arguably more wholesome tradition set to live music. No previous experience is necessary.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night. We’d tell you to burn an effigy, but we’re guessing the Office of Environmental Health and Safety wouldn’t be too thrilled about that.

What to do tonight: 11/4

Providence Poetry Slam Youth Grand Slam
8 pm
For over a year, youth poets from all over the state have been competing for a spot in this poetry slam. The winner earns a place on the Providence National Youth Slam Team. Some are professionals who have been at Brown before, performing in the Junkyard Ghost Revival and Gringo Choir shows. Spoken word poetry slams tend to get very rowdy, and this will be far from an exception.

“One Muslim. One Jew. One Stage.”
7 pm
Salomon 101
Rabbi Bob Alper and Muslim Azhra Usman are a comedy duo on a mission: the national, interfaith “Laugh in Peace” tour. Jokes about religion can be controversial, but these comedians of different backgrounds use humor as a uniting rather than polarizing force.

Asian/Asian American History Month Opening Convocation Ft. Lt. Dan Choi
7 pm
MacMillan 117
Lt. Dan Choi is an instrumental figure speaking out against the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The Iraq war veteran and LGBTQ activist will kick off Asian/American History Month.

As usual, there are too many things going on to list here, so click here for more events if the above don’t fit your fancy.

And celebrate National Chicken Lady Day — though we’re at a loss as to how. Do the chicken dance?

If you think this holiday is ridiculous, blame George Bush. It was his idea.