WTF is happening to the homepage?

Has Brown finally switched over to its redesigned Web site?

Nope, it’s just Earth Day.

Also, brown is not green. Brown is brown.

What’s brewing: Ticket suspense

Update: April 21. BCA sent a campus-wide e-mail last night telling us they would know if the concert could be held outdoors by 1:30 p.m. today. The rain continues to evade the Weekend, so we’ll see what happens…

Also, rumor has it a “few showers” won’t shut down the SPEC carnival. It’s happening, rain or shine. Is it time to bust out celebratory refreshments champagne beer yet?

What’s brewing: The temperature climbs

Update: uh, April 20. The average temperature for the Weekend continues to climb, and the Thursday showers are dwindling. Wait, guys, doesn’t that cloud look like a cookie? Does anyone have chocolate? Dude.

What’s brewing: SPEC carnival conundrum?

Update: April 19. The Weekend is safe so far, but what does Thursday’s projected rainfall mean for the SPEC carnival? A wet moon bounce might not be as fun (it will be), but we’re guessing  the soggy popcorn  won’t be much of a deterrent provided it comes on the heels of some, uh, herbally enhanced appetizers.

What’s brewing: The rain moves on!

Update: April 19, midday. The rain has proved fickle, deciding to delay its appearance until after Sunday. And at that point, who cares? We’ll all be in a coma.

In other news, there is now a zero percent chance of precipitation on Friday.  Zilch. Nil. Nada.


What’s brewing: SW Monday morning update

Update: April 19, morning. The weather projection for Spring Weekend still looks good, although these “showers” bracketing Friday and Saturday could be ominous.  And they could make the Main Green damp for the Friday show. But they can’t keep off Snoop.