PollerBears: Year-In-Review Edition

The academic year is almost over! To be remembered as:

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Happy first day of finals period!

Woohoo, we can’t believe it’s finals period already — this year really went by at (Semi)sonic speed… But don’t worry. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Tiger v. bear: A Q & A with Prez-elect Christina Paxson

Last Wednesday’s doughboys and flash mobs proved it: Ruth is leaving, and soon.

Now it’s time to face our collective Brunonian future: Pax City, which…officially begins July 1. The Herald already ran an interview with [Spoiler Alert] Chris, but our ink-stained brethren missed some of the truly important stuff. Like, what does she think about coffee milk? Luckily, Chris took the time to (diplomatically) answer our pressing inquiries:

Where did you get the (awesome) yellow scarf you wore to your announcement? Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: April 26, 2012

Yeah, yeah, #whatshouldwecallWHATEVER. We all know humor is funnier when it’s Brown-specific. (Or involves Furby. Preferably both.) Did you want to be the first to create a hilarious minimalist-themed Tumblr involving recognizable Brunonian situations and awkward GIFs? Too bad, suckers. We hit that shit a while ago, and then again, Gerald-style.

We weren’t alone. The internet is overrun with College Hill-appropriate time-wastin’ GIF lulz. There’s #WhatShouldWeCallBrown (which is awkwardly aligned in my browser… anyone else? Just me?) as well as #WhenAtBrown, whose creators are impressively on top of their Sunday night HBO programming. Props to both for some quality season-appropriate lulz. If you want to stay classy, there’s also BrownGIFs, which does that whole trendy, subtle motion thing.

Want to make your own GIFs? Cinemagram does the whole isolated aspect/nostalgic filter thing for free. Go make your own Faunce steps + iced coffee GIFs. But quickly. We’re already almost sick of them.

Time-waster of the day: April 19, 2012

We already posted this a few weeks ago, but in case you still need to get a move on your Spring Weekend game, please do us all a favor and listen to our concert cheat sheet.

Free Food Digest: April 17, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

Men’s Lacrosse against Providence College  7 p.m.
Stevenson Field

The first 50 students to show up to the men’s lacrosse game will get free pizza! (Or the first 25 depending on how hungry those early birds are…)

“Crisis in Syria: The Way Forward” discussion
8 p.m.
MacMillan 115

Amnesty International and the Janus Forum are hosting this discussion on the situation in Syria featuring speaker Professor Huss Banai. Free falafel and free baklava (from East Side Pockets!).