Why Au Bon Pain is the best place ever


Imagine a paradise where the sun streams in on all sides, the greatest hits of the late 90’s plays softly in the background, and it always smell likes toast. Where could you possibly find such a magical place? The answer lies on the corner of Thayer Street and Fones Alley. Yes Brunonians, this paradise is Au Bon Pain.

I know what you’re thinking: Au Bon Pain? That grimy yellow awning across from Starbucks that’s pretending to be fancy and French? When I saw it, I was scared too. Then one fateful day, I decided to give it the good-old-fashioned college try. Here’s why ABP is the best place on college hill:

1. The Soundtrack

The first thing I love about ABP is the soundtrack. The greatest hits of the late 90’s/early 2000’s will leave you feeling mellow as can be. Sugar Ray, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Feist, the song Gotta Keep Your Head Up (on constant loop). None of this hipster esotericism: you will recognize every song. And ABP doesn’t play from a radio station; they have their own CD. It’s given to them by the company. CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!


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When You Were Young: School of Rock

Universally, it is accepted that everybody loves 3 things: bubble wrap, birthday clowns, and nostalgia. This column aims to play upon the sentimentality inherent in every reader by paying homage to a key “retro” pop culture item.

This Week’s Throwback: School of Rock


Some movies are good for a single reason: the script is well written or it has sweet special effects or it stars Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, etc. Other movies are like School of Rock (directed by Richard Linklater, the genius behind Boyhood) and are great not for a single reason, but for a multitude.

The greatness of this movie begins, but does not end, with the following premise: a down on his luck enthusiastic, sweaty, hairy, talented and charismatic guitar player Dewey Finn, after being kicked out of his band, is living with his substitute teacher-friend, Ned Schneee Ned S. and Ned’s girlfriend, played by Sarah Silverman. His band members replace him with a guy who wears this shirt.  Also, that guy’s name is Spider.

One day, Dewey, referred to from here on out as Jack Black, receives a call from a local school asking if Ned will substitute for a teacher who has broken a leg.  Sensing a decently-compensated opportunity, Jack Black accepts the job. Continue Reading

This Week in Sports: November begins with a bang


Too busy watching the sweet new Into the Woods trailer on a loop to watch the new NBA season?

Too occupied with shutting down Silk Road 2.0 to check out the excellent NFL action?

Simply don’t care about sports?

Here’s what you’ve been missing.

This Week in Sports

Winter Sports


This curling shot. I’m no religious curling fanatic, but I had to reevaluate my existence on this earth when I was presented with the beauty of that shot.

NBA Action


LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers have started the season 1-3, including a loss to the lowly Utah Jazz and a crushing 19-point defeat by the Portland Trail Blazers, after being projected by me to be “Good. Very good.” Is it too early to start worrying about the team? Probably. Does that stop me from doing it? No. I want this team to be fun to watch, and so far, the superstar trio of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and LeBron are being outscored by an average of 7 points when they are all playing together. That’s not very fun.

Also on the subject of the Cavs, LeBron-lover Brian Windhorst wrote a story for ESPN detailing how LeBron is playing poorly on purpose in order to teach his teammates a lesson. What this lesson entails is still unclear…

Back to the NBA, where the Dallas Mavericks have been off to a pretty solid start, picking up wins over New Orleans and Boston. But even more solid is the rap that Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis, and Chandler Parsons wrote and performed this week:

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2014-15 NBA Season Preview: Part 2

The following is Part 2 of Tucker Iverson’s 2014-15 NBA Season Preview: The Eastern Conference. If you missed it yesterday, Part 1: The Western Conference can be found here.

Last night’s opening games were pretty exhilarating. The defending champs vanquished Dallas in a one-point game and the Magic lost to a huge effort from Anthony Davis and the Pelicans.  The next set of games are tonight at 7:00, and the Cavaliers roll out their new, Love-filled, LeBron-infused lineup Thursday night at 8:00 against the Knicks. Don’t miss it.

Part 2: The Eastern Conference

Miami Heat

Charlotte Bobcats v Miami Heat - Game One

Why they will be fun to watch

THE HEAT POST-LEBRON!! Can Dwayne Wade still put the team on his back, or on his ailing knees? Will the Heat even make the playoffs?  Will Chris Bosh star in the new Jurassic Park film?

All this and more, coming up next season.

Best-Case Scenario

Bosh turns out to be the world destroyer we saw back in Toronto, Wade’s new bionic knees propel him to the slash-and-kick monster he was pre-LeBron, and LeBron decides the whole move to Cleveland was a mistake and comes back.

Worst-Case Scenario

Wade’s health fails, Bosh can’t be a legitimate first option, and Mad Scientist Pat Riley tries desperately to replicate LeBron’s efficiency by genetically combining new team additions Josh McRoberts, Luol Deng, and the ghost of Danny Granger.


Washington Wizards


Why they will be fun to watch

The NBA’s hottest team is Washington. This team has everything. The league’s best backcourt! The Polish Hammer! Old Man Pierce tearing up teams with his treachery! Kim Kardashian jokes! A Brazilian guy with one name! Dr. Andre Miller! And, like, that thing where a guy dresses up in a suit and pretends to be a good coach. The Wizards are so hot right now. Continue Reading

2014-15 NBA Season Preview: Part 1


The NBA 2014-2015 season is finally upon us. The offseason was invigorating, and the thousands of hours I spent this summer reading about basketball were all leading up to today. There were coaching changes, player swaps, and an owner ousting or two. Melo and Bosh stayed with their teams, but LeBron and Pierce left for greener pastures. Kevin Love and first-overall pick Andrew Wiggins switched franchises, the draft had its powerful moments, big contracts were signed.

Reigning MVP Kevin Durant and Celtics’ star Rajon Rondo got injured while Derek Rose spent the summer rehabilitating from a second ACL tear, having not played more than a month of healthy basketball in two full years. Kobe Bryant also missed time last season, but it’s a safe bet he won’t end the season as the 40th ranked player he is currently projected to be. With an offseason this tumultuous, it just might be the greatest year for basketball since James Naismith threw a soccer ball into a peach basket in 1891.

The following is a two-part guide to the upcoming season. In it, you will find the following: reasons why each team will be fun to watch, what their best-case scenario is for the season, and what the outcome would be if everything went horribly wrong for them. The season tips off with the defending champs (San Antonio Spurs, for those less informed) taking on the Dallas team that took them to 7 games in the playoffs last year. Tonight. 8:00 PM. Don’t miss it.

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Texts from Ma and Pa


Well, we did it. Parents Weekend is behind us and everything is looking a little duller. The sky is grayer, the clothes you shoved in your closet are spilling out, and the Ratty’s “Grilled” “Italian” “Chicken” is tasteless compared to Al Forno.

While Parents Weekend does get everyone riled up for some TLC, by the end, you’re wondering how you lasted eighteen years at home. Now that it’s over, we can go back to communicating with our parents the old-fashioned way: text messaging.

This weekend was the one time you were spared of the incessant stream of texts from your parents “just checking in.” Just so you’re not surprised, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you of the texts you’ll get on your iPhone 4 from your mom’s iPhone 6 this week. (Disclaimer: We love our parents very, very much. Love you Bob, Rob, Tamsin and Michele!)

  1. Inspiring

Screen shot 2014-10-26 at 12.57.32 PM

These texts will always cheer you up! They get particularly exciting once your parents discover emojis. (Disclaimer: I am the only daughter, so don’t get too excited.)

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