BlogDH + UCS Present: 7 things you should know about President Paxson’s Strategic Plan

Last week, President Paxson unveiled her Strategic Plan to the Brown community, in which she outlines series of changes and emphasizes key priorities that will impact the University in the coming years. Need a SparkNotes version of the lengthy plan? BlogDH and UCS have teamed up to explain Paxson’s key priorities and how they will affect your life here at Brown. The plan addresses:

1) Expanding physical campus.
 Can we build it? Yes we can! Paxson has indicated her plans to revamp spaces on College Hill for academic, residential, and social purposes. For one, she acknowledges that the Ratty is “long overdue for renovation” (!!!!!) and indicates that “collaborations with private-sector developers” may be in the works to expand housing options for undergraduates and graduates alike. Additionally, Paxson plans to “renovate College Hill for academic departments, centers, and new initiatives in space freed up by the movement of administrative functions to the Jewelry District” (9). But this isn’t the only way your concept of campus will change:
(BlogDH) Christina the Builder
2) …and building a virtual campus. All hail the interwebz!  In an era in which everyone is connected (and everyone has a Facebook, including BlogDH’s muse, KBerge), Paxson prioritizes creating a “robust virtual campus that enhances the connections between members of the Brown community” (2). This means that the University will find ways to tie Community members together online. This may include connecting professors with alums after they graduate, or bringing students who studied abroad into the classroom to talk about their experiences. If being connected with Brown faculty, students, staff, alumni, and being connected with others on LinkedIn isn’t enough—now we can all say “hi” to one another as we pass one another on the virtual Main Green! We love continuity at Brown, and these connections will encourage Brunonians of all ages and class years to leverage each other as resources. Just tryna stay connected, you know?
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