PawSox to become the… ProSox?


In a surprise move reported today in The Boston Globe, the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox’s AAA minor league affiliate, has been sold and will be moving to Providence.

The team’s new owners, which include Red Sox President Larry Lucchino, bought the team for $20 million. The mayor of Pawtucket, Donald Grebien, essentially confirmed the move in an interview in which he said he “was presented with a plan that doesn’t include” his city in the PawSox’s future. The team has played in Pawtucket for 42 years.

Not only do the Providence Bruins now have a rival for most beloved minor league affiliate of a professional sports team in Providence, but Brown students also have even easier access to what is certainly one of the most underrated spring activities out there: watching fairly good major league baseball players as they rehab their way back to The Show.

Though there’s no word yet on where exactly the ProSox (?) would play, their arrival in the city is an exciting prospect for local baseball fans.

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: The Moth @ Brown


Are you constantly in awe of the members of Brown Storytellers? Wish you could spin a tale like they do? Now’s your chance to work on your storytelling with an extraordinary group from New York called The Moth.

The Moth is an organization dedicated to the “celebration of both the raconteur, who breathes fire into true tales of ordinary life, and the storytelling novice, who has lived through something extraordinary and yearns to share it.” The group has performed all over the world since 1997. Now they’re coming to Providence to host two *free* workshops on the 26th and 27th. Though tickets to the workshops are already sold out, there’s a wait list that you can add yourself to on the event’s page.

In addition, the weekend will culminate with a storytelling show from the workshops’ participants on the 28th at 7:30 p.m. Come support your friends and see how much they improved in just two days. If the above YouTube video is any indication, it will be quite something.

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Blog Odds: Where will they put all the snow?


If you left campus for the long weekend, consider never returning. The preposterous pyramid-spawning winter of 2015 has reached historic proportions. Though the weekend blizzard is over, the snow has really started to accumulate. Angell Street’s sidewalk is wide enough for 75% of a human. You can barely see the Ratty from Wayland Arch. The Henry Moore statue will be swallowed by snow drifts any day now. You can climb halfway up a tree on the Main Green by hiking up a snow bank. The poor Circle Dancers might drown!

The herculean efforts of Brown’s and Providence’s workers have helped keep pathways fairly clear — a big thank you is in order to them — but eventually we’re going to have to haul away a lot of this snow. And, since we don’t have this contraption or massive snow farms to haul away winter’s remnants, BlogDH is taking bets on how the University is going to deal with it all:

Dump it in the Bay – 6:1
A simple solution that Boston is considering, but it turns out this is pretty dangerous. Dumping could expose the oceans to rock salt and other toxic materials.

Fill the space-formerly-known-as-the-Gate – 3:2 
No word yet on how this old eatery is being used outside of package overload season. An indoor igloo/ice skating complex would be a major upgrade.

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Senior Week schedule released


Class Coordinating Board 2015 has released the details on this year’s Senior Week. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, take a look at all the fun that awaits you in the oh-so-distant future. Seniors, feast your eyes on the schedule for the last week of your Brown careers, and contemplate your impending mortality:

Friday, May 15

Commencement Kickoff: Pick up your cap and gown and the bracelets you need for all future Senior Week events.

Movie Night: Toy Story 3 + beer garden + snacks = pure happiness.

Saturday, May 16

Unit Wars: Will “Best Unit” Champlin knock off freshman year champs Wayland? Only one way to find out.

Time Capsule Reception: I’m not sure which is more terrifying: that our 25th reunion is in 2040, or the prospect of how much weird stuff is going to be in this time capsule.

Last Chance Disorientation Dance: Turns out CCB likes to facilitate Senior Scramble moves. Per the site’s description of the dance:

Through an anonymous online matching system, submit up to 7 seniors with whom you have always wanted a “last chance.” Then, on the night of the dance, receive an email notification of any matches (if you put someone who has also put you).

Yay for Brown ’15 Tinder! Oh, and it’s neon-themed.

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Our favorite WTF* Brown ideas so far


When UCS launched WTF* Brown [Ed’s note — No, it doesn’t stand for what you think it does] last week, we all knew it had some serious potential. Yes, students could now now express their totally commonsensical proposals for improving life at Brown on a forum where the powers that be would actually be paying attention (looking at you, John Lonergan). But perhaps more importantly, there also now was yet another site on which we could waste our creative potential.

Little did we know it would take just a few days for some truly great proposals to make it to WTF* Brown’s Reddit-like front page. Here are some of our favorites:

Some make a lot of sense, often to the point that we can’t believe the University hasn’t implemented them yet:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.45.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.48.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.38.48 PM

Others… well, this probably won’t happen:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.33.40 PM

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Pollerbears: Excessive snow edition

Second highest point in Prov, after the Scili

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In case you have been living under a rock or winter in south Florida, Providence has become a bit of a winter hellscape wonderland in the past couple of weeks. Though the cold really is a pain, the extraordinary amount of snow has given us some opportunities for fun. Russell Carey ’91 MA’06 wrote the best email ever. The Pyramids of Giza showed up on the Main Green. Every bottle of peppermint schnapps on the East Side was purchased and consumed in the span of 24 hours last week (probably).

You see? There are plenty of fun ways to beat the cold. Now we want to know how you brave the New England winters.

The weather is... awful. How do you like to spend time when it's this snowy?

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