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BlogDH investigates: Cybersecurity and your Brown email

Sitting in a political science lecture with Professor Wendy Schiller, one blogger learned that Brown had legal and functional access to our Brown email accounts. It wasn’t exactly surprising; what was more surprising was that, when he shared this information with a fellow blogger, neither of them had ever given this any thought.

So, they set off to talk to Dr. Ravi Pendse, Brown’s Chief Information Officer, to gain some clarity on Brown’s email privacy policy. Watch this interview for an an inside look into Brown’s cybersecurity:

After talking to Dr. Pendse, we went to David Sherry, Chief Information Security Officer, to find out what “30,000 daily attacks on the Brown server” really means.

Before gaining an understanding of the magnitude of the attacks, we first had to understand what phishing attacks are. Phishing comes in the form of spam emails aiming to extract private data and information from accounts on a server. More specifically, they might say your “email account is about to be deleted because your inbox is full. To reset the account, please enter your password here.” Some phishing scams purport themselves to be representing the IRS and even ask for your social security number.

Most phishing attacks are automated; a vast majority are “digital door rattling,” meaning people scanning looking for open ports to exploit. In other words, if they gain access to a Brown account and begin spamming other Brown accounts from this initial compromised account, they gain legitimacy, as one is more likely to open an email from another Brown address.

While some phishing emails aim to directly attack and redirect funds, like faculty’s HR benefits or student’s social security numbers in hopes of opening a credit card under their name and even stealing their identities, many times, exploiting Brown’s network is not the end goal.

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Takeaways from The Verdict: community discussion on the events of Ferguson, Missouri


Following the the silent, peaceful and powerful Die-In Protest, students gathered at the Brown-RISD Hillel at 5 pm to vocalize their feelings towards the events of Ferguson, MO.

After seeing a case that has captivated the country’s attention and caused so much student response, the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hosted the event with one clear purpose: “To provide a background into the events surrounding the verdict of whether to indict Darren Wilson, including the events surrounding the murder of Mike Brown and the climate of Ferguson after these events.” 

While the participants in the discussion expressed their own tear-jerking opinions, the moderators, Ricardo Mullings ‘15.5 and Godwin Tsado ’16, provided a comprehensive, clear guide to the facts of the case and the consequent media coverage. This is what we all should know:

The evidence and Darren Wilson’s testimony.

On August 9th, Michael Brown was jaywalking when Officer Darren Wilson asked him to move to the sidewalk. According to Wilson, when he tried to exit his vehicle to approach Brown, Brown closed the car door before he could get out, which started an altercation. The officer claims that after receiving a blow to the head from Brown, he drew his weapon. Wilson said that he was scared for his life, and that he “felt like a five year old holding onto Hulk Hogan,” in the presence of Brown. He also claims that he was assaulted by Brown, and was diagnosed with a bruise in the mandibular joint area, or the jaw. After the assault, Brown grabbed the weapon, perhaps to intentionally jam it, or maybe to use it on the officer.

The gun itself was never tested for Brown’s prints, only his blood DNA, but either way it resulted in two shots that hit Brown, causing him to flee from the officer. As Wilson pursued Brown, he fired 10 more shots, six of which hit and ended the 18 year old’s life. The autopsy showed that none of the bullets hit Brown in the back, however witnesses say that the officer fired his weapon while Brown was fleeing, which caused the unarmed teenager to turn around, either in surrender or in retaliation depending on who you ask, as he faced six more bullets. Brown’s body was found 153 feet away from the officer’s vehicle.

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2014 Rhode Island election results

As Election Day comes to a close, the state’s democrats have some celebrating to do. The party’s candidates saw victories in all major state and federal positions, including the much-publicized race for mayor of Providence. Here are some of the results.

Mayor of Providence 

Jorge Elorza (D)


Elorza, the 37-year-old judge and law professor, beat out two time mayor and ex-con, Buddy Cianci, winning 53% of the vote.

Governor of Rhode Island

Gina Raimondo (D)


Raimondo, who beat out Cranston mayor Allen Fung (R) by three points, has been State General Treasurer since 2010. She is also a well-respected venture capitalist and lawyer. As the mother of two, her campaign emphasizes that her platforms aim to put families first. She also plans to create jobs by funding tourism, infrastructure, manufacturing, student internships and small business startups. Raimondo holds degrees from Harvard (B.A.), Yale (J.D.) and Oxford (NBD).

House of Representatives 

RI District 1: David Cicilline (D)

RI District 2: Jim Langevin (D)

Both incumbent House representatives took the win, beating their opponents by around 20% each.


With 70% of the vote Democratic incumbent, Jack Reed will continue to represent the people of RI in the U.S. Senate.

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Selfies and politics with the 3 mayoral candidates

Providence has seen better days, and the three mayoral candidates know it. Regardless of the outcome of the election, it’s very clear that the winner’s term in office will be geared towards fixing the city’s unemployment problem and stimulating the growth of small businesses. How they plan on doing that differs on technicalities, but as of now, Jorge Elorza (D) leads the polls 10 points ahead of political legend, Buddy Cianci (I). I was fortunate enough to “meet” the three candidates, and even though our interactions were not very politically focused, I did pick up on a few key traits of their’s that may or may not be relevant to your decision in the voting booth tomorrow.

Jorge Elorza (D)

Elorza, the frontrunner, had a hot date at Sakura on Friday, September 26th. I was out celebrating my birthday, and couldn’t help but notice he was nearby. He was nice enough to dish out a hand shake and a smile, but it was immediately very clear that the lady came first. After he made it obvious that he wanted his privacy, I had to take this stealth selfie (stelfie?) as evidence.

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BlogDH’s guide to last-minute Halloween costumes

It’s that time of the year again. You and a friend frantically tear through Thayer’s three costume shops in search of something passable to wear to that Halloween banger you just got a notification about. You waited until the last day, like always, and like always you come to one honest conclusion: you’re not going to find anything good, so you may as well try to be funny, or ironic at the very least. In truth, your final product is going to look lazy and sarcastic. Here’s our handy guide to some last-minute getups you’re definitely going to wear see this Halloweekend.

1) The sailor

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.17.45 PM

The sailor could be a great opportunity to pay a respectful tribute to some of our nation’s bravest, but in reality is just an excuse to drink like a sailor. If you’ve got a striped shirt and a pair of boat shoes, the rest of your costume will come together with 5 bucks and a quick stroll to the Army Navy store. In most cases, sailors will be guys who let their creativity take a back seat to their ego.

2) The pirate

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.18.16 PM

The lazy pirate is really an unfortunate spectacle to behold, primarily because the pirate itself has so much potential. The possibilities range from our model above to Jack Sparrow. Take careful notice of the user’s intention to return the hat the very next day and the left index finger where a hook should be.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.18.35 PM

More relevant might be the Captain Phillips-inspired “lazy Somali Pirate.” The only change necessary is swapping the sword for a gun. Continue Reading