RISD Last Call: Noah Berch

By now, you’ve read the beginnings of this semester’s Last Call chains here and here. This year, BlogDailyHerald is adding another chain to the mix (or more than 2 chainz, if you will), featuring seniors from the RISD Class of 2015. Presenting RISD Last Call: making art school a little less confidential, one senior at a time. 

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Then + Now

People might know me as… The boy who loves and knows way too much about the Kennedy/Onassis family… (and is an owner of 11+ books on the subject…)

In my time at RISD, I am most proud of… The life-long friendships and experiences I have gained. I will miss being surrounded by such driven, ambitious, and talented peers.

On a Friday night, you might find yourself… In the studio or with friends. A bottle of red wine usually makes its way in there.

The best class/professor at RISD is… Image Bank taught by Lisa Young. She’s incredible.

Three things you wish you knew freshman year… The weather sucks for most of the academic year, being challenged is a good thing, and it’s okay to relax.

The Met vs. Portfolio… The Met.

One thing you wish you had done… Taken more classes at Brown.

Who or what are the major influences in your workI am constantly inspired by nostalgia and history. I also look at street style for ideas. I love seeing the way people carry themselves with how they dress. Old photographs also influence my color palettes. I enjoy mixing modern styling with nostalgic, timeless pieces.

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Trinity Repertory Company presents: The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie, arguably Tennessee Williams’s most famous work, comes to Providence, RI, later this month in a new conception of the scripted drama. Produced twice before at Trinity Rep, in 1965 and 1991, this rendition of Williams’ play, directed by Brian Mertes, takes the classic memory play and transforms it into a piece which could more accurately be categorized a “dream play,” and at times, a nightmare—purposefully, of course.


“You live in a dream; you manufacture illusions!”

The set, a far cry from Williams’s heavily stage-directed concept, is a barren square of carpet, surrounded by two pianos, a few chairs, and a bed suspended from the rafters of the Chace Theater. The curtains, specifically designed for this production, entail a veil that appears only during intermission, a sheer white cloth that billows behind a free-standing fan, and a set of vertical vinyl blinds reminiscent of a car wash. As the play unfolds, the set is flooded with detail: Tom Wingfield (Brian McEleney) spreads loofahs across the upstage area, Laura (Mia Ellis) pulls her glass playthings and moves them about the space, while Amanda (Anne Scurria) retrieves costume pieces from a free-hanging clothes rack behind the stage.  Continue Reading

PSA: Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 classes are up on Banner

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.41.36 AMWith all of the hype surrounding the announcement of BCA’s SW 15 lineup, some pretty exciting news slipped by: all classes for next year are up on Banner. Don’t panic, though, you have plenty of time between now and April 14th, the beginning of pre-registration, to figure out your cart. Freshmen need to get their advising PIN at some point between March 30th and April 10th in order to have a smooth and successful pre-registration; sophomores have the more intimidating task of declaring their concentration before April 1st in order to be able to pre-register.

Since our minds are already on vacation, there’s no need to sweat it before spring break [Ed’s note: Unless you are a sophomore who has no idea what you’re going to declare and has told no one about it — then maybe contact your advisor ASAP!]. Freshmen and sophomores, just keep your potential concentration requirements in mind and you’ll be good. Juniors, start planning the rest of your time at Brown. Soon the days of constant streams of midterms, Providence weather, and summer planning will be long gone, and we’ll be looking for a little fix of Brown.

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Blogify: Spring Weekend prep


Despite foreboding snow piles lingering on the Green, Spring Weekend 2015 is upon us. Believe it or not, after spring break, there are actually only a few weeks until the joyous week weekend that marks the end of New England hibernation and the beginning of the greatest month (yes, it’s really only a month) at Brown: spring.

So, study up. Acquaint yourself with artists unknown to you and get pumped for those you’ve been bumping for years. Happy listening!

Image via Albie Brown ’16. 

BCA announces seventh and final Spring Weekend act


Yeasayer will see you on the Main Green. BCA just announced that the experimental rock band, whose music bridges the gap between rock and electronic, will join Wacka Flocka and Hudson Mohawke on Friday night. Yeasayer rose to fame with the release of their more pop-influenced sophomore album, Odd Blood. 

Listen up to some of their hits below and look out for a detailed artist profile closer to–what’s turning out to be a pretty epic–Spring Weekend.

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Your reactions to the Spring Weekend 2015 lineup

The sun is out, it’s no longer freezing/snowing, and it’s almost spring break. That can only mean one thing: Spring Weekend 2015 is upon us.

The release of this year’s lineup has been highly anticipated to say the least; between #FLOCKAGATE and the low-key leaking of Modest Mouse, campus hype was bubbling leading up to last night’s release. After the acts were finally announced at midnight, social media obviously blew up. Status after status, message after message–it seemed like everybody had something to say about the acts. Here are some of BlogDH’s favorite reactions:

Many rejoiced.








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