An open love letter to you, the newfound study space

If this compromises her location, I swear...

If this compromises her location, I swear…

I’ve recently entered a relationship, or a love affair, rather, that has gotten pretty serious. When I wake up, I think of seeing her (sometimes with disdain). I have the urge to just go see her and get in the zone for a couple hours. As I approach the place I know she will always reside, my heart races with excitement, also frightened at the possibility of her having no interest in me, but not by choice. I am tormented when I walk by and see another paramour spending the quality time with her that I know I would enjoy more. I feel cheated. I am talking, of course, of my newfound love for my favorite study space. Oh yes, it’s finals season.

I’ve never been one for relationships with the library. It used to pain me to trek to the SciLi in the winter to work on that problem set or reading assignment. I’d rather hang out on my bed and do my work than hunker down in the stacks. All that changed, however, when I found, well, let’s call her Settia (I found a fake poinsettia there today so it seems fitting) to protect her identity and my ability to access the space. Her light-colored, upbeat wood, the enticing silence surrounding her, her refined, curvy accompanying chair. Oh man, she’s perfect. When I’m with her, it’s just me, her, and my War and Politics books. Romantic, huh? Continue Reading

Where to study at Brown according to your mood

Chronic indecisiveness affects about 99% of the Brown student population, and this is best exemplified by the ordeal that is trying to find just the right study spot to work away during griev… uh, reading period. To help make the struggle bus ride a tad less bumpy, we have created a guide to help match your current mood with the most apt study spot. Hopefully, you’ll be able to maximize your productivity, and spend one hour on Buzzfeed instead of four.

Spot étude secrète

One fish, two fish: bigger fish gobbles the smaller. If you’re trawling for a secret spot with choice java, you’ve just been hooked up. This week’s locale has coffee and comfort from the Devil you know—and a new drip you can sip. New on the bean scene, the Clover® brewing machine digitally controls the time and temperature, keeping the drink within a degree of the ideal percolatin’ heat. The result is an aromatic, sans-bitter smooth roast.

Here’s the catch: these Clover® coffee contraptions don’t come cheap – but for this Wayland Beast, a cool $11 grand was chump change. It’s currently the only place in ol’ Rhody to pick up this crafted cup o’ Jo. We like it.

For buttery leather chairs, a homey fireplace, and a terrific venue to meet women over 30 donning jogging digs, get down from Brown to this study-rific franchise. The outdoor seats-a-plenty lends a Euro-café feel to this venue, while its proximity to Red Stripe and Books on the Square makes a hasty retreat from the books a real treat.

Correction: In a previous version of this post, the last sentence read, “The outdoor seats-a-plenty lends a Euro-café feel to this venue, while its proximity to Red Stripe and Symposium Books makes a hasty retreat from the books a real treat.” This secret study space is actually close to Books on the Square, not Symposium. Happy hunting!

The Secret Study Scene: Part Deux

Author’s Note: First, allow me to apologize for the tardiness of this blog post. It’s really unacceptable, the height of rudeness. Thank Deputy Managing Editor J-Bomb for nagging me into punching through the bacchantic Brunonian wine-mist that’s stained this blogger’s brain. She takes things serious when I take ‘em Sirius. The fall equinox was the 23rd; summer’s officially gotten dressed and left without a word. Adieu Dog Days, adieu. Luckily, hair of the dog is a cure not bound by season.

My dear, this week’s secret spot is one with a view. It’s a spacious room that boasts two large windows: one, with an aesthetic downtown skyline view, and the other, a lush peek into groomed treetops. There’s a plasma television you can hook up to your laptop for studying that Intro to Sleep PowerPoint (or watching Bored to Death), a sizeable table, and an overall sense of personal fiefdom. An opulent oasis in dense drudgery.

There is, as with most pretty things, a catch. The caveat is that this room is not tucked away down some rambling cobblestone street on the Hill. It’s very much accessible. So to make this space your own, you’ll need just a little lie. A tiny pinch of truth-kneading. We won’t tell. Continue Reading

Blogify: You can Go the Distance

Finals period has descended on us, meaning long nights at the SciLi or Rock, the NDR, impromptu naps, and general stress and misery.

Everyone has different tricks to make it through finals period, from the perfect secret study space to the best study snack to even the favorite way to procrastinate a little longer.

To help you get through finals period, here is a killer study playlist of good music to study to, with some fun study break and motivational songs (The Climb by 2009 Miley Cyrus anyone?) scattered in.

Happy finals!

Amuse-Bouche: Flatbread Company

NEW Flatbread Providence homepage 2013 WEB

Tucked behind a parking lot at 161 Cushing Street hides Flatbread Company, the Providence iteration of a small chain that has franchises throughout New England in places like Martha’s Vineyard, Portland (not that one), and Somerville (and also randomly Hawaii and Whistler). Flatbread Company “has been introducing people to the magic of earth and fire” since 1998. Their clay, sand, hay, and ash ovens attempt to imitate a form of cooking that has been around for millennia. They’ve also committed themselves to serving as much organic and locally-sourced food as possible. The Cushing location opened on December 26, 2013.

For a building hidden from the rush of Thayer by CVS, Flatbread Company has a very open, welcoming feel to it. The two ovens, which workers are constantly feeding flatbreads on giant wooden boards, occupy one side of the restaurant, exposed to customers. At the other end, past an extremely long bar serving various local beers, there’s a library, because Flatbread Company is also trying to become your new secret study space. A friendly, attentive staff only add to the vibe. We got both of our pizzas in under 10 minutes. Your move, Nice Slice.

Continue Reading