Rhode Island tourism campaign wins at failing

The creative team tasked with rebranding Rhode Island recently rolled out the first pieces of the state’s new tourism campaign. While the team, led by Milton Glaser (creator of the I <3 NY campaign of the 80s), hoped to bring some positive attention to the biggest little state of the union, its efforts turned out bad. Like, really bad.

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Artist OTW: Evan Silver ’16

This week’s artist of the week is Evan Silver ’16 for his work in playwriting and directing. He has acted in and directed numerous plays in his four year at Brown, including directing two original works, “Waxwing” and “11 Apocalypses.”

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On April Jailbait

In response to a previous article of mine, a student suggested that I should change my name “given that the current one refers to statutory rape.”

I am not unsympathetic to this line of thinking; I had my own misgivings in choosing the pseudonym but decided to keep it nonetheless, in part because April Jailbait fits so well with Leslie Grope.

Monica and Rachel just didn’t rhyme with enough things.

The other reason is more nuanced and perhaps quite selfish.

It’s also very specific to me.

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Everyone Loves (Ken’s) Ramen

Ramen holds a special place in college students’ hearts. We depend on late night meals to keep our study grind going, often leading to a date with noodle cups.

Once you get a taste of Ken’s Ramen, a mere 10-minute walk from the Faunce steps, you’ll never want to eat shitty ramen out of a Styrofoam microwavable cup again. Brown and RISD students can easily walk to Ken’s Ramen, get an extra Hirata pork bun from the money saved on an Uber and call it a reward for exercising. Sometimes I debate going there and just ordering 10 pork buns for my meal. But then, I remember just how delicious the noodles are.

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Of Condoms and Cavemen

Until very recently, I was under the impression that it was a right of passage for guys to carry condoms around in their wallets. Then a guy friend asked me to hold his wallet for him and I found out, perhaps unethically, that his wallet was barren of that infamous Bear Necessity.

This realization sparked a debate within my mixed-gender friend group. We were divided in a surprisingly organized way. The girls all had condoms on their person; the boys all did not.

This week’s life article, therefore, is an open letter to sex-happy boys who don’t carry condoms.

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Roommate Etiquette: Sex Edition

There are certain etiquette rules essential to being a good roommate: Respect each other’s belongings, keep the space clean, don’t crash into the room at 2 a.m. when they’re sleeping and wake them up — you know, the basics. For many, however, the basics aren’t as expansive as they should be. Today’s major issue: Many roommates don’t bring up sex while discussing their “terms of agreement,” if you will.

Which is a problem, because you need a space to have sex, and, unless you’re the more adventurous sort, that space is typically going to be your room.

Which raises the question: How do you talk to your roommate about your sex life?

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