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What not to do 24 hours before early decisions come out

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a previous post that went up two years ago, 24 hours before early decisions were released. These tips and tricks worked amazingly well for prospective students back in 2012 (and, not to mention, for all of us when we applied), and they’ll work well for you now. Take heed. Good luck!

Dear Brown 2019 Early Decision applicants,

We’ve been there. Those 24 hours before college decisions go viral are the most excruciating hours of everyone’s high school career. You’d think applying early decision to a school would make the wait a little less painful, but it’s a college admissions rite of passage everyone must go through… and it sucks. It’s also very easy to be overwhelmed by the thrill of it all— the reminder e-mails from admissions officers (as if you haven’t had the date marked on the calendar since the moment you submitted your application), the nagging calls from distant family members (just because you haven’t talked to them since last Christmas doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how to be overly intrusive) and the thought that your future will be decided in the coming hours (I guess there’s always Harvard…).

But you can’t let it get to you. Life will go on, regardless of the decision you receive at 5:00 p.m. EST. Keep repeating that to yourself as you decide how to spend the next hours before you get the fateful e-mail. You might be compelled to do certain things, like cry your eyes out to James Blunt (is he still relevant?) or bash your head into a wall, that you will surely regret the day after. As a former ED applicant, I will impart some of my wisdom to you, the stressed-out high schooler, for what not to do on the big day. (Author’s note: Some of these tips are based on actual events. Do not judge me.)  Continue Reading

Blogify: You can Go the Distance

Finals period has descended on us, meaning long nights at the SciLi or Rock, the NDR, impromptu naps, and general stress and misery.

Everyone has different tricks to make it through finals period, from the perfect secret study space to the best study snack to even the favorite way to procrastinate a little longer.

To help you get through finals period, here is a killer study playlist of good music to study to, with some fun study break and motivational songs (The Climb by 2009 Miley Cyrus anyone?) scattered in.

Happy finals!

Lights back on in the Hay after awkward blackout

The Hay around 10:30 tonight

The Hay around 10:30 tonight.

As you all (hopefully) know, library hours are extended during reading period and through final exams to better serve your studying needs. While these extensions go off seamlessly in the Rock and SciLi, old veteran libraries, the recently renovated John Hay Library is (understandably) still working out the kinks. Tonight at 10:30, the Hay’s giant Reading Room plunged into darkness. The twenty-five students dispersed across the room sat in full-on dark silence until about 10:42 p.m.

Apparently, the Hay has an auto-timer for the lights to switch off at 10:30 p.m., a reasonable time given its normal 10:00 p.m. closing time. Unfortunately, no one remembered to adjust the timer for the reading period closing time of 3:00 a.m., thus causing an awkward wait-for-DPS-to-save-the-day twelve minutes for the library’s silent patrons.

While I found out the above explanation by exiting the room and asking the security guard what was going on (great reporter over here), literally no one else reacted to the blackout. Honestly, it could have been a proper squirrel-situation blackout. But no one had time to worry about that: the lights all shut off, there was a minute of low whispers of confusion, and then nothing. People just went back to work, guided by the light of their laptops.

I’m kind of concerned by the student body’s clearly desperate state. Apparently, during reading period, nothing can deter us from working, not even for a minute, not even the absence of light. It’s objectively hilarious to sit in dark silence with strangers for twelve minutes, just typing. To be honest, I might not have gotten up either, but I was highlighting a printed document at the time–I know, so vintage–so I actually needed the lights.

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FlogDailyHerald: Umbrellas

Not even you, Rihanna, can redeem the umbrella.

Not even you, Rihanna, can redeem the umbrella.

As everyone knows and has complained about incessantly throughout the day (myself included), it is really rainy outside. With rain comes the usual rain gear – raincoats, boots, sadness and umbrellas.

All umbrellas are useless. That this has not yet been discussed on a national – dare I say international – level is shocking to me. So, let me begin the dialogue.

Some people have those tiny, flimsy umbrellas, which are annoying just because they don’t do anything so why did that person bother? In fact, all umbrellas don’t really do anything. They operate under the assumption that your rainy day has zero wind (which is stupid). All they really do is cover your head, which can easily be accomplished by wearing a hood.

All umbrellas break within a year of purchase. Have you ever had an umbrella last you more than a year? If the answer is yes, it’s only because you never used it, because it’s pointless.

Despite what some may tell you, there is no added bonus of an umbrella protecting multiple people from the rain. Have you ever had a pleasant experience walking under an umbrella with someone? No. Every time, you have to time your step according to your umbrella partner, resulting in an awkward, jerky and slow gait. If you were to forego the umbrella and walk at a normal pace with a raincoat on, you would get far less wet because umbrellas do nothing. Even if Rihanna offered me a place under her umbrella (ella…ella…ay…ay…ay), I would regretfully decline, out of principle.

And then there’s the worst kind of all: those massive umbrellas everyone who works on Wall Street uses. They are so damn big that on most sidewalks you actually cannot pass the person walking in front of you with that massive umbrella without walking under their umbrella for a brief, but painfully awkward, moment. So now I have to walk slower and get soaked because you are using an ineffectual piece of rain gear to keep your head dry, despite the invention of hoods way back when the first monk donned a habit.

Don’t get me started on people who use umbrellas to block the sun.

So, please. Invest in a raincoat or just get wet. You’re not the Wicked Witch of the West. Unless you use an umbrella.

[Ed's note: This is one blogger's opinion and does not represent the views of BlogDH's edit board or staff. I like umbrellas and know I get significantly less wet carrying one. Also, whoever stole my umbrella outside Wilson 101 today, sending bad karma your way].

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Brown Men’s Basketball knocks off PC…again


Alright, so this season admittedly hadn’t gotten off to a roaring start for men’s basketball. Especially questionable results included a 21-point loss to a school called Austin Peay (to be fair, they have made March Madness at some point during my lifetime) and a 17-point loss to American (who did make March Madness last year, but as a really shitty 15-seed).

None of that matters, though, because there’s only one non-conference game you should care about: the annual intra-city game against PC, which occurred last night. In this biggest of spots, against a higher-pedigree program steeped in history, Bruno–as you may have guessed from the fact that we’re running a post on the game–delivered, with a 77-67 win.

That’s right, for the second time in three years, we can say that we have the best basketball team in Providence, and no one can stop us. Hey, everyone, we have the best basketball team in Providence! Yeah, see? No one stopped me.

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Pollerbears: Finals period is here…


Life sucks right now. We all have to write eleventy million pages by the end of next week and/or memorize everything our professors ever said. Plus, winter finally started, so we’re also all freezing. We could talk about everything we have to do in these next two weeks forever (and in fact, this is what I spend my days doing: running around listing everything I have to do to my friends, on scraps of paper, in my mind, etc). But instead, let’s try and think of something to be positive about. BlogDH wants to know: what’s good/okay/not totally awful in your life right now?

What part of finals period are you dreading least/actually looking forward to?

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