12 Days of Spring Weekend: Cloud Nothings

Hailing from good ol’ Cleveland, Ohio, Cloud Nothings are an up-and-coming indie-rock band founded by singer Dylan Baldi. In 2009, Baldi enrolled at Case Western Reserve University. During his first semester, he went home on the weekends to produce music, single-handedly recording his own vocals and instruments. Baldi used his homemade music to make different bands on Myspace (yeah, old school) and see which got traction. From there, Cloud Nothings was created.

Later that year, Baldi’s music was picked up by Bridgetown Records, and the first EP, Turning On, was released. Due to the success of the EP, Baldi was invited to perform in New York City, but was advised to find a band for the performance. In came drummer Jayson Gerycz and bassist TJ Duke. Their performance was such a success that Baldi dropped out of college, informing his parents through a seven-page email. (Now that is dedication.)

Their fourth studio album, Here and Nowhere Else, was a success right from its release. Pitchfork gave it an 8.7/10 rating and the title of Best New Music. NPR Music described the album in saying, “[It] threads the needle just right, tightening and brightening Cloud Nothing’s sound in ways that never numb its blistering, careening forcefulness.” Top hits from the album include “I’m Not Part of Me,” “Now Hear In,” “Psychic Trauma,” and “Pattern Walks.”

Check out their music before you head to the Main Green at 3 p.m. today!

The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Wake up!

Today is the annual Binder Day, so once you’ve made sure you’re actually awake (aka, your hangover is under control with a hearty Ratty breakfast), just make your way on outside. For everyone else, with this free Alarm Clock (Apple / Android), you won’t miss the fun next year. (Alternatively, find your asleep friend’s phone and download this for him/her.) It may also come in handy during finals, but that’s so far away from now…

The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Who are we kidding

Don't be like this guy

It’s Saturday Fraturday! Since more dancing and partying are on the horizon, and it’s impossible to not be doing either of those two things by now, we figured we would help you drink the beers you (probably hopefully) have in front of you right now. Rule #1: it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Rule #2: practice.

In order to perform Rule #2, you will need to download iBeer (Apple / Android). Once this is complete, pop open the app, face your phone to the right, bring your forearm in an upwards motion towards your mouth, and angle your wrist towards you. As you savor the digital beer molecules hitting your tastebuds, consider all the different settings in which this new skill will come in handy. Once you’ve practiced enough, put it to use at any one of the evening’s house parties.

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Blowing your mind

Duuuude, it’s 4/20. You know what that means: you need to find something to do between 4:30 and 6 pm (when the concert doors open) this afternoon. Something that involves sitting around with friends and not moving too much for a while. JC (just chilling). Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With RJDJ (Apple) and ScenePlayer (Android), you’re inside the music. Open up the app, choose the Soundtrips mode and let your phone do its own thing. By recording your surrounding sounds, it gets a feel for what type of environment you’re in, and selects a song accordingly. Per the Apple Store: “music doesn’t get any more trippy than this.” You’re welcome. (If you’re in a more active mood, choose the Moovz mode, and control the music by touching or tilting your phone.)

The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Preparations

So right now, you use your phone for texting and calling, checking up on friends every so often, and doodling random words when you’re bored in class. What about listening to music, following the news, or all those other uses that phone companies cite in their advertisements? Isn’t it about time you get the most out of Siri and all her magic? Although it may not seem like it, Spring Week is actually the perfect time to bring your phone up to its fullest potential, because you’ll actually be using it more than you think.

First off, you’ll want to know instantly when the Spring Weekend artists drop their newest tracks, make reference to their upcoming visit, or announce where they’ll be DJing the afterparty. With the now ubiquitous Twitter (Apple / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you get all of these and much, much more. Virtually everyone has an account these days, and by starring your favorite accounts, you can receive notifications/alerts when a new tweet comes out. And although the BCA has already tweeted what we wanted to know, they’ll likely be posting updates on the concert days for delays more detailed time schedules.

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Grand debuts

Despite it now officially being Spring Week, it’s also Monday, which generally does not mean good things. Whether you still have work to get done, a thesis to hand in, or you simply forgot that whole part about this week being a marathon (Happy Marathon Monday!), it was hard getting out of bed this morning. Lucky for you, there are two big events you won’t want to miss and two apps to go with them.

obama-fist-bump1. For all the ADOCH kids/intruders out there, Bump (Apple / Android) is by far the easiest way to share your contact info with your newly-met friends. All you need to do is open the app, make yourself a snazzy business card, and fist bump your friends’ phones. They’ll instantly have your name and phone number in their contact list so you don’t have to deal with spelling out for the nth time that you’re actually French Canadian… (You get my point.) You can even add your Facebook profile so you can “poke” your 2016 classmates, although that may not be the best thing to do. And now that you have everyone’s phone numbers, you’ll get to find out faster than everyone else where the party at tonight!

2. For everyone else, today is the grand opening of the Fitness/Aquatics Center (the Nelson? the Coleman? the JoFAC?), which means it’s time to get back in tank top shape. With Workout Trainer (Apple / Android / Blackberry), you get timed audio instructions, example videos and customizable sets, all with thousands of free exercises. You can also pick sets to target specific areas, and share (through Bump?) your most effective workouts with friends, just to show how much more toned/awesome you are. Granted, most of the workouts don’t require any gym equipment, so you might as well stay home — but why not go if there’s going to be a DJ?