The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: The last weekend


If you’ve checked your calendar recently, you’ve noticed we’re really down to the final stretch: after this weekend, it’s Spring Weekend, and then reading period starts. So yes, if there was any time to neither party nor study, this weekend would be that time. But rather than spend hours at a mall shopping for things you don’t really need, in honor of the Ivy Film Festival ending tonight, we suggest checking out the movies before you get too busy or it gets too warm outside.

With Flixster (Apple / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you can do pretty much anything even remotely related to movies on your phone: buy tickets, watch trailers, read Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and even manage your Netflix queue or stream movies from iTunes. Since Flixster bought the Movies app from a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon in ’08, the app has consistently been one of the top movie apps on all platforms, so there really isn’t any reason why you wouldn’t already have it. There’s also a solid selection of highly-rated movies in theaters right now: Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street, Titanic, The Lorax… If anything, it’ll just be an extra reminder that you “really should go to the Avon/Cable Car more often.”

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Your to-done list

By now, you’re down to those three or four things that need to get done in order to fully relax on Spring Weekend. Although you have a notebook or a Google to-do list where you have everything written down, you’re never 100% positive you’re not forgetting something. Plus, what’s the point of keeping that list in a central location rather than having it with you when you get things done on the go?


No pressure.

That’s where Astrid comes in. Astrid (Apple / Android) is a cute red octopus that keeps track of all the things you have to do in a neat and tidy way. Yes, task managers are usually extremely boring and unsatisfying, but this one enables you to fully customize your experience as well as your tasks with tags, priority levels and reminders. Moreover, Astrid syncs your tasks with your Google Tasks, which means you can check off an item from your phone, and you can see it checked off when you get back home — satisfaction guaranteed.

The hidden feature though is that Astrid really is a great name for a personal assistant. “Let me check with Astrid” may not be the greatest answer in a job interview, but it’s definitely a worthy addition to your vocabulary. Did I mention he/she/phe was cute?

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Clearing your (study) schedule

The worst Spring Weekends are those when you have to work and/or study while you friends are slip ‘n’ sliding their way down Wriston…so GIT ER’ DUN.

With gFlash+ (Apple / Android), you have access to a huge bank of flashcards and you get to make your own in Google Docs. They sync wirelessly to your phone, so all you have to do is type in the question and answer and get learnin’. Although it’s not the best looking app, it’s by far the best free one!

Once you clear out next week’s studying, make sure you also study for exams the week after – there’s really nothing worse than trying to get yourself awake and out of bed after a full weekend of debauchery.

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12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Getting ready

Everyone knows Spring Weekend is a marathon, not a sprint…So get ready like you’re running one!

With free Endomondo (iTunes / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you get an awesome-looking app that can sync to Facebook (for impressing your friends), cue your workout playlist, track calories burned and even map your run if you upgrade to the $4 version.

Get a few miles in before next week starts, and you’ll be ready to power through the concerts and ensuing parties like nobody’s business. Run a few extra miles after that, and you may want to consider the upcoming Providence half-marathon…It’s all about the stamina.

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