12 Days of Spring Weekend: #EEEEEATS Lineup

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With #FLOCKAGATE behind us, and the thrill of the official artist announcement long over, BlogDH is excited to present an equally as important lineup: Main Green #EEEEATS. This year BCA #blessed us with seven local vendors to satisfy our cravings during Friday’s and Saturday’s concerts.  Check out the rookies and old-timers below–nourish, HYDRATE and have fun!

1. Mexico – If you’re feeling spicy?

2. Taste of India – Just the thought of Indian food on a hot and sunny day makes me a bit nauseous, but to each his/her own.

3. Ben and Jerry’sfree cones!

4. Frenchy’s – Popcorn and such.

5. New England Lemonade – H2O is probably a better source of hydration, but a cup of sugary lemonade doesn’t sound horrible.

6. Duck and Bunny – Cupcakes. Beware of long lines…

7. Pizza Gourmet – I guess BCA was feeling fancy this year and opted out of Domino’s. I welcome this switch, but my stance against Domino’s is highly controversial.

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Blogify: 20th Century Spring Weekend

In two days, the entire campus will transform for the 55th installment of one of Brown’s greatest traditions. Spring Weekend is definitely about tanks, sunshine (hopefully), and music, but it’s also about history. Since 1960, Brown has hosted some of the most significant musicians in the industry. Such formative headliners include Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, Ike & Tina Turner, Bob Marley &The Wailers…

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BlogDH presents a playlist of some of the best acts from 1960-2000.

12 days of Spring Weekend: What Cheer? Brigade


The 19 piece brass band, What Cheer? Brigade, has been a staple for the Spring Weekend line up since 2012. They aren’t a big name, and some might think, due to their early slot, skipping their show isn’t a big deal. WRONG. What Cheer? is not optional! They are the bees’ knees, the ducks’ intestines, and we are excited as hell for them to come play. If you want to read more about their sound, check out last year’s hype post for the returning champs (and dead chimps). For 2015, we’re going to skip all of the pleasantries. Instead of trying to put a typical performance into words, here is a collection of photos from the 2014 “Find Your Friends” album. We’d like to show you just how good a time we had below the jump.  Continue Reading

12 Days of Spring Weekend: Hudson Mohawke


Hudson Mohawke is not a Lower Manhattan-based hairstyle. He doesn’t even wear a Lower Manhattan-based hairstyle. But, I mean, he constructed the beat behind Yeezy’s “Blood on the Leaves,” which is perhaps the best song on Yeezus, and that’s good enough for me.

Born Ross Birchard, Hudson Mohawke looks like a literal sixteen-year-old but is actually 29. His dad gave him his first pair of turntables when he was 11. At 15, Mohawke was the youngest-ever UK DMC finalist. Except then, he spun under the name “DJ Itchy,” which is horrible. His career took off in his native Glasgow, Scotland, by getting radio slots, performing at Glasgow University, and DJing in clubs under the name DJ Mayhem, a big step up from DJ Itchy.

Mohawke had no real recognition outside the viral boundaries of SoundCloud etcetera until 2012. His repertoire was mostly composed of underground releases and mixes circulated online, even after signing to Warp Records in 2009. His first official release, “Spotted,” was featured on the Rush Hour beat compilation Beat Dimensions Vol. 1, and his second official release, “Free Mo,” was released on the Ubiquity Records various-artists compilation Choices, Vol. 1. In 2008, his first official EP, Ooops!, was an underground hit.

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12 Days of Spring Weekend Sextion: Gettin’ it on the Green


A big crowd is like a private room: no one will see you makin’ out in that mess.

The rules of Spring Weekend are that there are no rules, right? Wrong. While the hook up game may be different than a normal weekend on College Hill, there are a few “do’s and don’t’s” you should abide by.

DO: Make out on the Main Green. It’s truly the ultimate DFMO (MGMO?). While Hudson Mohawke will probably be the best concert for this, as it will probably have the most “clubby” atmosphere, feel free to go for it in the broad daylight of the Saturday concert. I personally feel this is a rite of passage, and something to check off your Brown bucket list. Who wants to leave college without being able to say, “remember that time I made out with [someone completely irrelevant] on the Main Green?!”

DON’T: Do anything more. No one wants to see you getting a blow job on the Main Green as Modest Mouse sings “Float On,” everyone’s favorite middle school jam. My eyes should not be subject to that without my consent, and I will provide you with the same courtesy. Save that for later. Speaking of which…

DON’T: Leave the concert early to go back to someone’s room. There are copious hours after the concert to hook up–don’t miss the main event, which lasts a total of two hours. If your partner doesn’t have a ticket, however, that is a different matter, and up to your discretion (I don’t recommend it though). You can have your own VIP after party later. If you’re single…

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: Approval matrix 2015

Taking after our BFFs at New York Magazine, we’ve designed, especially for you, a Spring Weekend approval matrix comparing the college mini-music festivals ~around the country~. Ranking lineups on scales from #basic to (Sasha) Fierce and from Kris Humphries to Kanye, it turns out that, from a relatively objective POV, Brown kinda comes out on top. Next to T-Pain, of course.