BCA announces Waka Flocka for Spring Weekend

BCA has just announced that Waka Flocka Flame will be performing the Friday of Spring Weekend.

It’s so official that if you Google “Waka Flocka tour” dates right now. You will find:


Google doesn’t lie!  So Waka Flocka himself has confirmed, even.

BlogDH is excited for a potential live performance of this:

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: FIND YOUR FRIENDS!


We know you can’t get enough of Spring Weekend. The shift back to reality is always tough, but fear not – Blog is here to help. Want to try to piece together relive the last three days? Check out our Spring Weekend 2014 Facebook album here, and find your friends! Tag, laugh, cry, and reminisce on the weekend together.

12 Days of Spring Weekend: Professors list their dream lineups


[insert your professor’s face here]

We’ve already seen what lineups blog writers wished for this year, but has anyone ever stopped to think about what professors have to say? They have feelings too, you know! I asked a few professors to list three bands or artists that would compose their dream Spring Weekend lineups (some decided to list a bit more because they don’t play by our rules, man). While some responses were predictable, others revealed a side to them that was previously unknown. Ricky Martin, anyone?

William Warren, Chancellor’s Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences

  • Talking Heads
  • The Strokes
  • Modest Mouse

Ian Sampson, English Graduate Student

  • Beardyman
  • Matmos
  • Huun-Huur-Tu

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: Useless Rankings edition

Forget that you’ve never heard of the website before, and forget that they left out Dave Binder: Baeble Music heard about the party we’re throwing this weekend, and they approved, ranking Brown’s Spring Weekend the Top College Music Festival of 2014!

They may have left Dave Binder's show out of their blurb, but the photo they chose speaks volumes.

They may have left Dave Binder’s show out of their blurb, but the photo they chose speaks volumes.

The win is no small feat, as the website ranks us among other top contenders like Vanderbilt (whose “Rites of Spring” fest lasts two full weekends)and Yale (whose Spring Fling lineup eerily resembles ours, but without the added Providence flair of What Cheer? Brigade, as the listicle notes). 

The Columbia Lion published a complete list of spring lineups around the Ivies, a list which further, incontrovertibly, proves how dominant Brown’s lineup is among those of our peers. And can we take a moment to make fun of Princeton for calling its event “Spring Lawnparties”?

Princeton's "Lawnparties" Lineup did not make Baeble Music's list.

Princeton’s “Lawnparties” Lineup did not make Baeble Music’s list.

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: Chance the Rapper


Chance the Rapper is somewhat of an anomaly in the music business, and a testament to the fact that independent artists can still rise to fame on merit alone. 10 Day, his debut album, and Acid Rap, his breakout album, are both self-released. Acid Rap, after over 250,000 downloads, has been certified platinum despite still not being available on iTunes or Spotify. Chance turns 21 later this month.

Chance the Rapper (née Chancelor Bennett) recorded his freshman mixtape during a ten day suspension his senior year of high school. The story behind the suspension, a lengthy tale, begins with a girl who he was hooking up with handing him a blunt claiming she “didn’t even smoke no more,” and ended with him and his friends being caught in an alleyway by a school officer. The officer not only got Chance suspended for ten days, but preceded to take him down to the local police station. (Don’t worry, y’all. Chance isn’t mad.)

Though 10 Day was physically recorded and distributed to friends that year, the mixtape was not officially released until the following year in 2012. That year, the album was downloaded 100,000 times, but Chance didn’t rest, recording with Childish Gambino, Hoodie Allen, and Joey Bada$$ and releasing more of his own music. His sudden ascent in 2012 paved the way for the success that 2013 would bring.

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BREAKING: Spring Weekend to be held outdoors


The weather call has been made, and it’s good news! Get ready for 2,300 more tickets to be released at 2 p.m. today, because we’ll be rocking outside this weekend! The weather forecast may be iffy – but, this just in – NOBODY GIVES A F***!

Worst-case scenario, Brown will be singing in the rain for 2014, which is still awesome. Here’s to another year of Spring Weekend outside.

Spring Weekend Forecast

See you on the green… but actually!

Images via and via Emily Gilbert ’14.