(Another) Study break of the day: 12/12/12

A hundred years ago, the New York Times celebrated this once-in-a-lifetime occasion by encouraging people to write the date on the top of a sheet of paper, and treat themselves to the pleasure of knowing that this “triple-plated date of magic mischance” is pretty cool.

Finals are upon us, and it’s easy to forget the little things in life. Like the fact that this will probably be the only time in our lifetime that we’ll see 12/12/12 on our phones, our computers, our newspapers, etc. Some people are doing 12/12/12 big: people are getting married, the Pope started tweeting, and hundreds of anxious high schoolers will join the Class of 2017. BlogDH doesn’t encourage shotgun weddings, but we do like things that fill us with warm fuzzies. There are tons of ways to make 12/12/12 count: eat a dozen cupcakes, make a list of 12 things you’re looking forward to, write a letter to someone you care about (or write one to yourself.) Take this moment to do something for yourself and make 12/12/12 memorable.

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