The Netflix Files: February 2, 2012

For Netflix, 2011 was a pivotal year in determining the company’s sustainability in the face of a flagging home video market and the push toward streamed content. The near-fatal price hike announced in July lost Netflix 800,000 subscribers, and CEO Reed Hastings’ seemingly endless flow of apology emails (as well as one particularly stubborn pothead on Twitter) continued to diminish brand loyalty. In the midst of this, Netflix examined new ways to stay relevant, initiating its unprecedented foray into original content with Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards and the highly-anticipated Arrested Development mini-season. The year culminated on an optimistic note, as stock began to recuperate and Netflix regained 610,000 subscribers.

In light of this, let’s reflect on the significance of 2011 by taking a look at Netflix’s streaming selection of films released last year: the good, the bad and the direct-to-the-bargain-bin-at-Tedeschi shit Nicolas Cage churned out so he wouldn’t have to sell another home. Continue Reading

Love, Hate, Concerts & Nudity: BlogDH’s 10 most read posts in 2011

Happy New Year!  To bid adieu to the year that was, we are recapping the most read BlogDailyHerald articles of 2011:

10: Students who do cool things: The igloo on the Main Green

Remember Snowpocalypse 2011?  This crew of (then) Sophomores responded to the silly amount of snow by constructing and sleeping in an igloo on the Main Green.

9: Carrie Bradshaw, Brown’s latest fictional alum

Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, released Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel as part of her young adult series. In the book, which follows the Sex and the City characters as teenagers, Bushnell revealed that the series’ lead mare character spent her college years at Brown!

8: BREAKING: Rest of the Spring Weekend Line-up Announced

After BlogDH broke the news that Diddy and TV on the Radio would be the two headlining acts for Spring Weekend ’11, we came back a week later with the rest of the line-up.  For those of you who were either not here (froshies) or casually too drunk to actually remember any of the concerts, here’s a brief rundown of the supporting acts: Das Racist was Das Wasted, Lee Fields wore a fantastic green suit, Rebirth got the ice rink dancing, Lissy Trullie didn’t even show up, and Nico Jaar ’12 was great for the 17 people who actually got there early enough.  Continue Reading

Happy New Year!