Welcome to Brown, pre-frosh!


The Hogwarts Express Amtraks, buses, cars, and bicycles (shout out to the local kids) are arriving — ADOCH has begun! There will be hordes of high school seniors on campus for the next few days deciding whether or not to make Brunonia their home for the next four years. Hosts, show your pre-frosh a good time (though not too good a time), and sell your school as best as you can.

To the pre-frosh: Welcome. Meet BlogDailyHerald. We’re the site that will tell you who the 15 “hottest” (literally) among you are, kick conservative correspondents’ asses, console those among you that didn’t get in early, and show you everything you learned in your first year, all for you. In short, we’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to know — and a lot of things you would never, ever, EVER need to know — about Brown and the community in which you’ll be living. We really, sincerely hope that each and every one of you decides to choose this school for your college experience. Keep reading our site for more information about Brown as the school year wraps up!

With love,


PS – We’ll be at the ADOCH activities fair tomorrow evening. Come say hi!

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