hey at least he's not wearing that ridiculous fedora in this one

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: A-Trak

hey at least he's not wearing that ridiculous fedora in this one

A list of Alain Macklovitch’s countless achievements as a DJ, producer, performer and entrepreneur would make for a pretty substantial profile—but Liam has already noted many of these in his great piece “Why A-Trak is the best choice for Spring Weekend’s electronic musician.” So curricula vitae aside, what is A-Trak going to bring to the table (besides perhaps the most suitable dance track for describing what far too many students will be doing on Friday, April 19)? A great goddamn DJ set. That’s what. Although I’ve left my EDM obsession in 2010, A-Trak’s surprise set at Ed Banger’s 7th Anniversary remains one of my top concert memories. Mixing turntable prowess (prowess might even be an understatement) with a deep knowledge of all genres of dance music, A-Trak provides a unique experience that’s impressive to diehards and dilettantes. Familiarize yourself with some of his production work and treat yourself to an exemplary set after the jump. Continue Reading

Why A-Trak is the best choice for Spring Weekend’s electronic musician

Surprisingly, this isn’t a Kiss concert.

There’s a joke concerning a group of certain well-known electronic musicians: how many members of Swedish House Mafia does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three; one to screw it in and two to stand next to him, pretending like they’re doing something.

We Americans stand at the beginning of a potential new era in our country’s music. The rise of EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, in mainstream, middle-American culture has been both swift and widespread. Musicians formerly restricted to the realms of house and electro – Calvin Harris and David Guetta spring to mind – now produce regularly for pop stars, and the overwhelming popularity of songs like “I Gotta Feeling” suggests that electronic sound has caught on. Outdoor festival lineups, formerly the near-exclusive domains of acoustic indie and hip-hop, are now saturated with artists spinning danceable tunes. You’ve probably heard at least a few people enthusing about the latest Avicii/Alesso/Axwell/insert Swede whose name starts with “A” here concert they attended in the last few months. For better or for worse, electronic dance music is now a common part of many an average American’s life. But are we doing it right? Continue Reading