A Cool Thing you Shouldn’t Miss: Pasta cooking class with Chef Fitzsenry


Aaron Fitzsenry, Assistant Chef of BUDS and revered culinary ally of BlogDH, has done it again. Next Sunday, February 8 at 3 p.m., Chef Fitzsenry is leading a FREE pasta cooking class in the Ratty Bakeshop. Whether you find yourself culinarily-inclined, or simply eager to learn a new skill to impress your roommates with, this afternoon in the kitchen will undoubtedly be informative and delicious.

Secure a spot for the upcoming class by filling out this form. If you do not get selected for this first course, don’t be discouraged – there will be four classes this semester, and your name will remain on the list for the following classes if the pasta gods are not in your favor this time.

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Weather you like it or not: Jo’s and Andrews to close early tonight

The chef has spoken! Winter Storm Quintus is expected to hit Browntown in the afternoon today and stay through Sunday morning. As a result, both Jo’s and Andrews Dining New Gate will be closing at 11:00 p.m. To avoid being left with the late night munchies, I highly recommend utilizing Foodler, a website that allows you to have your knock-off spicy withs (weeth?) (and other foods too!) all in the comfort of your dorm. Stay warm, and avoid making fruitless treks tonight!


Chow Down Brown: Andrews Commons rocks


On Monday, BlogDH had the opportunity to check out the new and improved Andrews Commons at a soft opening. We tasted food, played with drink dispensers, and generally ran around like kids in a Chuck-e-Cheese. At the beginning of the afternoon, Aaron Fitszenry, the saint of on-campus dining, warned us: “The food [here] is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever had on campus. Ever.” He most definitely lived up to his word — basically, Andrews Commons is the new holy land, and we are really excited about it. It’s truly a game-changer.

The Food: Antonio’s better watch out, because “AC” means business when it comes to pizza. We were able to try a pepper-jack cheese and chicken variety, as well as a BBQ Thai Chicken pie. The days of boring, single-topping pizzas leaving you hungry are in the past. These pies present you with an entire dinner laid out on a single slice. The chefs have truly stepped up their game with a stone hearth oven and premium ingredients including locally milled flour, organic produce, and cheese blends that we only thought existed in our sans-meal plan dreams. The new oven is also really fun to look at, because, well…FIRE! Pizza slices are topped with fresh and occasionally-unexpected ingredients like arugula and carrot shavings. Just recounting this experience is making us hungry for another slice.

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Cookie sandwiches at the Blue Room TODAY!

The Blue Room — home to no shortage of desert specials — will feature cookie sandwiches today starting at 4 p.m. What exactly is a cookie sandwich, you ask? Aaron Fitzsenry, culinary manager for retail dining, explained in an email to us:

— You pick a couple fresh cookies, like choc chip, oatmeal, cranberry and white choc, or double choc mint. This is chocolate heavy.
— You pick either Espresso Fudge Ripple or Caramel Caribou (with choc cups) ice cream and we make an ice cream cookie sandwich. Really chocolate heavy.
— You get to enjoy this monster with a cup of Mocho, my cappuccino/cocoa mix.  And marshmallows.  Lots of mini marshmallows.

Where did this idea come from? “It started as a twitter request for the most outlandish way possible to do ‘cookies and milk,'” he wrote.

Get it while it lasts!

Chow Down Brown: Scrumptious seasonal specials

Just when you thought he had outdone himself, Brown auxiliary dining guru Aaron Fitzsenry is back with more innovative specials to satisfy our cravings over next few weeks:

Tomorrow night, October 16th, it’s Oktoberfest at the Gate. That means braised pork shanks over apples, beer-braised bratwurst, soft pretzels, and apple strudel…all that can be purchased with meal credits.  (Ed.- Take that study abroad peeps!)

Sunday, the 21st, you’ll be able to head to the Blue Room with your parents to dazzle them grab an Apple Pie Float!

Finally, on Tuesday the 23rd, Aaron himself will be in the Ivy Room in the afternoon promoting the new tossed salad bar. Promised delicacies include: warm pears and figs over spinach with a raspberry vinaigrette, or sautéed mushrooms and crumbled bacon with a warm balsamic dressing.

Is your mouth watering yet? Good.

Chow Down Brown: Hidden gems of the Blue Room

Stumbling into the Blue Room Tuesday morning, half asleep and desperate for coffee, I happened to run into Aaron Fitzsenry, Brown’s culinary manager of retail dining. You know him; he’s that smiling guy in the white chef’s coat that often greets you from behind the alluring display of butter rum muffins and blueberry scones. With experience in the fine dining and hotel businesses, Aaron’s definitely someone we can trust with our taste buds, and he’s proven this time and time again since assuming his role at Brown just over a year ago. He’s responsible for bringing us so many items we’ve grown to love, from Kabob and Curry in the Blue Room, to risotto in the Gate, and even gourmet tacos in Jo’s.

We got to chatting a little bit about food here at Brown, a frequent topic of conversation for me, and specifically what kinds of things the Blue Room offers that we as students might not be aware of. Yes, the Blue Room Lowdown. Some (hopefully) enlightening tips to satisfy your culinary cravings after the jump. (We know, we’ve changed your world.)

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