Things We’ve Seen at A Better World by Design, part 2


Though I am still regretting the fact that I wasn’t there to witness that glorious display of pigeon-esque artistry (that almost killed one of our staff members, NBD) during Day 1 of the A Better World by Design conference, the second two days certainly did not fall short! Here are some testimonials and highlights from the last two days of ABWxD.


“It’s important to plan ahead- there’s lots happening! People try to do everything, but it’s impossible. You just have to find your way, and remember to make friends! Meeting all these new people, that’s actually the best part. Especially if you’re a RISD student and don’t get to interact frequently with Brown students”

-Tate, RISD ’15

“All the students add a lot of energy, and it’s nice to see that the conference doesn’t take itself too seriously. Try to meet as many new people as you can, and remember that social networking is crucial!”

-Ansley, Moderator

“I’m an environmental studies concentrator so this is right up my alley. This trumps SW, and it’s my favorite thing here.”


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