@BrownUAdmission accidentally linked to employee’s private Facebook account

Everyone knows the internet is a scary place where it becomes frighteningly easy to do slightly awkward things, like when you “Like” a mupload of someone you’ve never spoken to (stupid Facebook for iPhone), or Reply All when you REALLY did not want to.

To accidentally link the @BrownUAdmission Twitter to your private Facebook account is kind-of on another level.


Yes, it seems that someone working for our Admissions office—hopefully in an attempt to link the Admissions Twitter with the Admissions Facebook page—somehow managed to send all his/her private status updates as tweets to Brown alumni, students, and whoever else follows @BrownUAdmission.

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An appeal to Admissions: Accept the brown M&M


Remember that four-eyed brown M&M in those white high heels who made us all LOL on Super Bowl Sunday? Ms. Brown (not to be confused with Chris Brown) is the newest addition to the colorful M&M crew that rolls deep: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Orange have all embraced their posse’s newest sassy, smart and sophisticated member. For these reasons (among some other fairly obvious ones), we think Brown University would be the perfect fit for the little lady. Here’s why:

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Welcome, Class of 2016!

At 5 P.M. today, decisions for the ~2,765 early applicants to Brown became available on the Brown website. Commence the stalking of current high school seniors’ Facebooks!

Harvard and Princeton to restore early action programs

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post

After going four admissions cycles without an early admission option for prospective students, Harvard and Princeton announced yesterday that they will be restoring their early action plans.  Both reinstated programs will allow prospective students to apply in the fall through a non-binding application process.

The admissions offices at Harvard and Princeton announced in September 2006 that they would be eliminating their early admission programs due to the fact that they catered mostly to students from high-income families and purportedly led to increased stress on high school seniors.  In the last several years, however, the early application pool at other universities appears to be skewing less towards privileged students, according to Harvard President Drew Faust.

Welcome, Class of 2015!

At 5 P.M. today, decisions for the 2765 early applicants to Brown became available on the Brown website. Commence the stalking of current high school seniors’ Facebooks!

Prospective freshmen who know everything are SOOL

There’s an app for that–college, that is.  The future class of 2015 is currently suffering through that oh-so-familiar struggle that we all had to put up with during senior year of high school: the college application process.   A recent post on the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet blog identifies several of the essay prompts from Brown’s application this year as examples of the recent trend in college admissions towards asking prospective students less traditional questions.  One of Brown’s more unorthodox prompts reads:

French novelist Anatole France wrote: “An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t.” What don’t you know?

We also liked the University of Chicago’s first essay option this year:

Find x.

For the more abstract thinkers among you, this question should have been a piece of cake.