5 things every Brown student can learn from Cleverbot


We get it, sometimes college life can be a little stressful. Trying to balance your work, sleep, and social life can be challenging, especially when you throw extracurriculars and other various obligations into the mix. Sometimes you want advice and you need it now. Some of us are tired of nervously waiting on academic advisors, Meiklejohns, family members, and friends to come to our aid. Welcome to the future of instant advising at your fingertips: meet Cleverbot.

Here are some things that we’ve learned from Cleverbot:

1. Your Meiklejohns are your slaves.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.21.49 PM

2. Everyone loves Gail.


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BlogDH Explains: Academic Advising



At this point, you’ve moved into your humble abode with your new roommate. You’ve experienced the awkward circles of eager freshmen that form at the Ice Cream Social. You might have even experienced your first college party. You’re thinking, “this is [insert expletive of choice] great!” While you’re experiencing all of these things for the first time, it’s easy to forget the reason why you came here: to learn. Luckily, we’re here to remind you.

Classes start this Wednesday, September 4. Fear not, however, for you won’t be entering the process blindly. At Brown we have a comprehensive academic advising system for freshmen called the Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program. Each of you has a Meiklejohn (pronounced like pickle but with an “m”) who is an older student that has gone through everything you’re about to experience. Your Meik is the ultimate source of knowledge for you and the most valuable resource for all things related to Brown. If don’t know something, your Meik can point you in the direction someone who does.

In addition to your Meiklejohn, you have an academic advisor who will help you decide what classes to take, as well as what steps you should be taking to accomplish your goals (or even help figure out what your goals actually are). Tomorrow morning you’ll meet both of your advisors for the first time. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when you meet them:

  1. Open up to your advisors. Actually give them the chance to get to know you. As a freshman, it’s easy to want to seem like you know what you’re doing. The truth is that most of the time you’re lost. And that’s perfectly fine. The advising program is here to help you! Your Meik and faculty advisor can help you best when they truly know you, your academic and extracurricular interests, and your concerns. Continue Reading

Don’t miss the Herald poll results!

The Herald's fall 2011 undergraduate survey

Every semester, The Herald conducts a survey of the undergraduate student body on a number of issues. Some questions, such as approval of Ruth Simmons and UCS, frequently appear on the poll, while many of the others change each semester. This semester’s poll asked:

  • Whether or not students would consider joining an ROTC program, at Brown or another school
  • How many sexual partners students have had so far this semester
  • What students think of their class sizes
  • What students think of the number of admissions spots that are reserved for athletic recruits
  • How well students think Ruth Simmons and UCS are doing their jobs
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied students are with academic advising
  • How students see their families’ wealth compared to that of the “average Brown student”
  • How confident students are in getting a desirable job after graduation
  • What electronic devices students own

Check out the article with the full results here! (Disclaimer: I wrote the article.)

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles, each of which goes into depth about one specific poll question. More reasons to read The Herald every day!

Advising Period Open!

Advising period is now open for spring pre-registration.  It’s time to dust off your advisor’s contact information and schedule a meeting to go over your courses for next semester. Make sure to get your PIN from him/her and let the Mocha-surfing begin.  Advising period closes October 28.

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