Dollar slices are back at Antonio’s on Thursdays!

This costed $2.

This was $2.

Over the summer, I heard the news that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night dollar slices were no more at Antonio’s. So imagine my surprise when I went there and — along with everyone else — was offered dollar cheese slices, and told they have returned on Thursday nights.

As Herald Design Editor Brisa Bodell ’15 put it, “It tastes better when it’s only a dollar.”

Alas, though cheese slices will still be available at the front of the counter on Fridays and Saturdays, they will still be $2.

The end of Antonio’s dollar slices

Antonio's posted this sign notifying patrons of the change.

Tragedy has struck on Thayer Street: Antonio’s will no longer be serving $1 cheese slices on weekends. Brown students and townies alike will have to find other places to get some cheap eats to soak up all the alcohol after long nights of partying. Nice Slice, wanna step up and keep the dollar slice tradition alive?

Image via Adam Toobin ’15.