“Operation Nightlife” Busts a Yale Screw

Photo via The Yale Daily News

According to The Yale Daily News, police officers raided an off campus More-Ezra Stiles “screw” (a Yale version of SPG?) as part of “Operation Nightlife” to “curb violence in the downtown entertainment district.” Apparently, a dozen police officers stormed the club with SWAT gear and assault rifles, ultimately resulting in the Tasering of one student and arrest of 5…and I thought Brown was supposed to be a dangerous place.

So in the problem-free utopia that is New Haven, the question begs to be asked, why is the NHPD spending $15,000 a weekend targeting college kids, especially Yalies?  Has ResCollege competition gotten out of hand? Are the Whiffs at war with the Doox? Is tapping stirring up strife between secret societies?   We Brunonians may never know. But hey, that’s why we didn’t choose Yale.

A video, clearly showing that the popo meant business, after the jump.   Continue Reading

Brown grad, NFL player pleads no contest to FishCo assault

David T. Howard ‘09.5 has pled no contest to the charge that he assaulted a customer while working as a bouncer at FishCo, the Projo has reported. Howard, who has since been drafted to play for the Tennessee Titans, had originally appealed his conviction, but changed his plea to no contest after plea bargaining.

Howard allegedly punched and kicked a Southborough, Mass. man who complained about having to pay for drinks, though he had paid a fee to get all-you-can-eat-or-drink, as other attendees told police. FishCo, popular Wednesday night spot for Brown students, had to close down for three days as punishment.

So let this be a reminder to you, kids… FishCo may seem like it’s all class with its Ke$ha soundtrack and pole dancing and house-drink Fish Piss (we still don’t know exactly what it contains), but it can be sketchy too.

Just don’t complain about the prices.