A cool thing you shouldn’t miss: Tonight We Improvise


Rebecca Maxfield ’13 graduated Brown with a bachelor’s in theatre arts and performance studies. While at Brown, Maxfield found time to study Italian and translation; for a final project, she translated Questa sera si recita a soggetto (translation: Tonight We Improvise).  Although she had long been contemplating translating and directing it, she saw the final project as an opportunity to make a first pass at it in a workshop environment. Since then she’s continued to work on the script. Additionally, Maxfield produced The Tempest for her capstone project. Since graduating has directed Gianni SchicchiThe Light in the Piazza, and other Shakespeare, as well as assistant directing various classic and modern plays in New York and in Providence, including The Grapes of Wrath at Trinity Repertory.

This weekend, Maxfield is producing Tonight We Improvise at 95 Empire, formerly Perishable Theatre and now part of AS220. Tonight We Improvise is “a rarely performed play from one of the great theatrical thinkers of the early twentieth century, Luigi Pirandello. Known for Six Characters in Search of an Author, the playwright uses this play to tackle, in a way that is on-point and often hilarious, what it means to act.” The cast and crew includes two current undergrads, Pu-Ning Chiang and Marissa Grier, and an MFA acting student, Billy Finn.

The play will run tonight at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Not down with the cover charge for whatever party you were planning on attending? Tickets are free for Brown and RISD students!  Escape the chaos that will be the 250th Opening Celebration and head off the Hill to see a really cool performance and support an alumna.

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Did you really read Morning Mail? Free access to AS220’s 95 Empire for all Brown students

I'm with the band

As of October 1, Brown has joined RISD in a partnership with AS220’s 95 Empire. This partnership will allow for students to go any 95 Empire event for free (!).  All you have do is show your Brown ID, provide your name, and say “I’m with the band!”  Thank you to all parties for involved for making this goodie-attaining catchphrase sound so cool. 95 Empire is located at 95 Empire St, Providence, RI 02903. It’s not rocket science, people.

Some of you may be asking what is 95 Empire? 95 Empire is a theatre and live arts program under AS220, a local forum for the arts. According to its website, 95 Empire houses a black box theater, a dance studio, and two multipurpose spaces that houses anything from educational classes to psychic readings. Whoa. 95 Empire has a lot of events going on every week, and all of them are open to you FREE of charge. Start taking advantage of this opportunity now (it expires on June 29 of next year) because you’re with the band now.

A New Weird America is downtown

NEW WEIRD AMERICA is a dance-theater play currently being performed at 95 Empire in downtown Providence. Directed by Ari Rodriguez ’13, New Weird America is a devised theater piece that mixes dance, language, and music to tell the story of four couples. The play centers around the rituals and traditions of pan-American courtship.  With a completely Brown student cast and crew, this show is bringing interesting new theater to the greater Providence community.


New Weird America – it’s everything you would expect and nothing at the same time. Confusing? Well, you’ll just have to go see it for yourself. Bridging the gap between experimental theater and dance, the show has the ability to communicate something different to each audience member. It’s new. It’s weird. And for me created a new idea of what “America” can mean.   Continue Reading

Amuse-Bouche: AS220 Foo(d)

Whola lotta chicken.

Mention AS220 to any given Brown student and you’re likely to meet one of two responses: vague confusion or fanatical enthusiasm. Such is the nature of a non-profit community arts center that wears as many hats as this one does; with dozens of studios, performance exhibition spaces, a youth program, and more all calling it home, it isn’t all that easy to grasp. Its mission, though, is simple: to provide “a local forum and home for the arts… to all artists who need a place to exhibit, perform, or create their original artwork.”

It only makes sense that an organization in support of creativity and community would have a restaurant. AS220 Foo(d) is a fantastic introduction to this huge and manifold center: it’s casual but special, humble but creative, hipster but in the good way. You place your order at the counter, take an oversized playing card back to your table, and fetch your food when it’s ready. The kitchen is in plain view, diner-style, but instead of pancakes and hash browns, they’re whipping up pulled pork pasta and pan-fried chickpeas. Continue Reading